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Kids, Don't Pee In The Amazon

Richard is walking Bailey towards the chairman's room, expositing that he's the main guy who has a say in who becomes Chief, and that's why he doesn't want the residents to know that he's a patient. Naturally, this leads to them turning the corner to find the four candidates lying in wait, and they begin to pepper him with questions. Behind them, a very attractive woman with a great British accent greets the Chief. She's Celeste, Larry's assistant, and shows him to the door. He tries to shoo the residents, but Addison yells out, "We can help!" Burke scoffs at this, and when she bristles, he points out, "He doesn't have any woman parts." Touché. They finally admit they'll only come back when he's gone, so, defeated, he lets them all follow him in. And who knew Skinner was the chairman of the hospital board? Who knows what kind of intrigue could lie ahead? He's pissed that Richard wasn't as discreet as he would have liked, and that the residents are vultures, but finally throws the gauntlet. "One of you wants to be the new chief? Fix this. You've got my vote." He unzips his pants and drops them with a flourish, and the camera angle is from between his legs to show the shocked reaction of all of the doctors. As for much of America, something additional also popped into view at the top of my screen, and for a little while I thought ABC had pulled a great joke on the viewers and let in a glimpse of Skinner Junior for a giggle. But I am here to do the hard research for you, and once I watched it in slo-mo and paused the frame, it turns out it's just his head as he bends down. (His other head.) Not that I really wanted to see Little Skinner, but I still would have found it hilarious. Back in the shot we were supposed to be paying attention to, everyone looks horrified, and Skinner adds, "And no, those are not grapefruits." Addie excuses herself after all, with relief on her face, and the rest just continue to stare.

Bailey examines Skinner and notes that he hasn't been able to pee for three days. Call me crazy, but don't you think he would have gotten to a doctor along about, say, day two? Maybe that's just me. The docs all muse about what it could be, and Burke helpfully asks if he's had any recent testicular trauma. Illustrating with hand motions, he asks, "Twisting?" Mark scoffs, "You'd have to tie them in a triple knot to get that kind of fluid buildup." In response to their looks askance, he adds, "Am I wrong?" And really, are any of you questioning any sort of kinky sex expertise that McSteamy is giving? Turns out Skinner was taking a two-week raft trip on the Amazon, and they continue to throw out ideas until he whines, "Well, now they're just guessing, Richard!" in the tone of a kid who doesn't want to eat his vegetables. Richard sends Bailey to order tests and asks about Skinner's wife, but he hasn't told her yet, not wanting to worry her "unless he has to." Mark obtusely sounds surprised, asking if she wasn't with him, and Skinner just rolls his eyes.

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