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Addison has found something more delicious than grapefruit-sized genitalia, and that's an array of sample cakes. Alex comes in as she's debating what flavor to try, and tells her about Crush's high blood pressure. Turns out she's pre-eclamptic, and he suggests an epidural to lower her BP. He then pauses and asks if he's going overboard, but Addie just replies, "Believe me, I wish I had someone that cared that much about my blood pressure." He tells her, "Yeah, well, from what I hear, in 28 days you will." I get that this has never been an entirely normal workplace, and that the relationship between these two has been a little bit strange and sexually infused, but do you really tell your boss you know about her sex bet? Methinks this falls firmly on the "in" side of "inappropriate."

In the clinic, George and Izzie are treating a guy who has an everlasting runny nose, describing himself rather aptly as "like the most disgusting fountain in the world." He's clearly really tired of being sick, but good-natured and nice. Izzie sadly tells him he has to just wait it out, but he explains that this time he can't do that, on account of him dating a girl he's crazy about, and with whom he wants to finally seal the deal. She assures him that someone who really likes him would wait, but he assures Izzie that she doesn't understand. "Have you ever met someone where the attraction is so intense you thought it may just kill you?" Oh, there's anvils in them there snot. The guy goes on and on about his skin feeling like it's on fire since they want to touch so badly, and Izzie mercifully cuts him off. George forges ahead that he'll do something while Izzie listens to his chest, which is an excuse for him to not finish that sentence because he's staring at his would-be soulmate's bodacious rack. Because, you know, They Can't Help Their Feelings. Sigh.

Mere and Cristina are studying in the hall. When Cristina sees Callie, she gripes about George getting the cards, theorizing that maybe that's why he married her. Mere looks up and sarcastically agrees. Cristina declares that she needs the cards, but Meredith tells her they don't, and forges ahead with quizzing Cristina. Turns out she's quizzing thin air since Cristina has leapt up to talk to Callie. She tries to bribe her with cake and sugary compliments -- well, she's not very good at doing that sincerely, so it's more like Splenda-flavored compliments. Callie doesn't miss a beat in telling her she's not getting the cards.

George runs up to Bailey to find out why he paged her, clearly wishing for a surgery. Unfortunately for him, she only paged him to ask how things were going in the clinic. Because she can't let go. WE GET IT, ALREADY. Come on, in the past this show used to be so much better with subtlety. But I guess that was lost with the George and Izzie Magical Love, alas. George stutters, and Celeste saves him by breaking in. Once alone with Bailey, she quietly explains that she'll need to be tested for whatever Skinner might have, so Bailey just as quietly has George page Addison.

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