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Down in the Clinic of True Wuv, Sydney asks Izzie how things are going, and she says she's discharging Runny Nose Guy. Sydney is having none of that, and chirpily informs her that they need to be all about patient care, taking some well-aimed shots at Bailey and implying that she only cares about the clinic so that she'll become chief resident. She orders Izzie to do a nasal lavage on the guy, which she promises will be "restorative." She sends her back while chirping, "Rinse and repeat! Rinse and repeat!" How has this girl gotten this far in her career without someone offering to de-chirp her?

In an exam room, Celeste is clearly embarrassed as she tries to tell George and Addie that her situation isn't as sordid as it sounds, and that she and Skinner are in love. "The kind of love you think you're never going to find, and then you do, and the fact that he's married seems a small price to pay for being happy, you know?" She's certainly chosen the right audience for this speech. She goes on, and her façade slips a little bit as she admits she used to feel that way, but now that it's been going on for five years and he's still married, it's not quite so much. She figures they think she's a terrible person, not realizing they're currently standing in the world's most delicate glass house. They assure her very heartily that they don't. She adds that she knows she should leave, but "Do you have any idea how rare it is to find someone you can work and play with? And we love each other. How wrong can it be?"

Richard meanwhile goes back to Skinner's room, and Skinner demands to know what is going on. He explains that the urologist just drained his bladder, which I guess is for the sake of the viewing audience since I would think both Skinner and the urologist were both very aware of what just transpired between them. He then also says the interns will be taking him for tests, but Skinner's not liking that answer. He clarifies, "What are YOU doing for ME." Richard gets all defensive that he's got the best doctors in the world taking care of him, but Skinner wants Richard, the best of the best, to do it himself. He then engages in the age-old male tradition of trying to taunt Richard into doing what he wants. I call it the "chicken" argument. He tries to taunt him into remaining as chief, and when Richard says some things are life are more important, Skinner bluntly reminds him that Adele left and so why not just stay. No one ever said the "chicken" tactic was classy. They snipe back and forth and Skinner finally tells him that he used to be a doctor but now is a politician, and in that case it's best after all that he's stepping down.

Bailey interrupts Mere and Cristina studying for "an 'all hands on deck' situation." They excitedly each guess various large-scale calamities, but Bailey answers, "A penis. The Chairman of the Board's penis." When Mere asks what's wrong, Bailey answers that his testicles are swollen, "Which is... the understatement of the year." Reading that sentence does no justice to the disgust with which it was delivered. Once again, Bailey is awesome. Cristina can't contain her excitement. "Fantastic! How much? No, wait, don't tell me, let it be a surprise." Bailey tells them to take him for an x-ray and scan, and Cristina clarifies, "For the V.I.Penis." Bailey's not laughing, but I am. Because I'm twelve.

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