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The boys are all gathered together and continue to guess what the problem might be. Mark's just glad that no matter what, he'll be the last one in to "make it pretty" and therefore will be the one that Skinner remembers. As he leaves, he remembers to pass on a report from Meredith to Derek on her whereabouts. He mutters to Burke that it's good to know. "Just when I need time to think she starts communicating." Burke asks him what's up, and he mentions not knowing if he can have this relationship and be chief; Burke counters that he has to be explicit with Cristina if he wants anything ever to happen, and they bond over relationships being hard. Oh, pardon me while I get a hanky, GROWN MEN. To his credit, at least Burke seems more accepting now of the fact that this is just the way Cristina is.

Crush eavesdrops as Callie says hi to Addie at the station. Callie tells her that she caught George in a lie that he was at the clinic when he was actually with Izzie. They share a Significant Look before she asks, "It's probably nothing, right?" Too heartily, Addison agrees. It's what Callie wants to hear, though, so she asks after Addie's manwhore. "Miraculously reformed?" A shot of Crush confirms she's eating up every word. Addison says he is for now, but that she knows he's not really what she wants. She wants stability and barbeques and someone teaching kids to play catch. Stability? You'd really better get away from Seattle Grace, honey. She knows that isn't really Mark, but adds that this doesn't explain why she's been drooling over Alex all day. Callie asks, "Why don't you just go there already?" "Because! He doesn't barbeque either! Plus he's, like, 12 years old." Callie counters that he's the kind of guy who gets stable after getting it out of his system in his twenties, and that also he'll never lie. I don't quite figure how one leads to the other, but as the weeks go on I'm learning to ask fewer and fewer questions. They part ways, each saying they need to stop thinking about Alex and Izzie, respectively, but Addie catches Callie to warn her that if she's obsessing about something that much, it probably means there's something to it. This hospital is a good place to get advice about the ins and outs of adultery, that's for sure.

Bailey visits the clinic and sees Izzie mid-lavage. Both doctor and patient look fed up with the process, and Bailey is aghast and turns on Syd, who declares, "We've really turned this place around today." This one really does have claws, that's for sure. Bailey asks, "Nasal lavage?" and Syd counters with, "Four visits in one month?" Syd, having more balls than I ever expected, says she understands that Bailey is protecting her investment in becoming chief, but that she needs to be about patients rather than politics. I wouldn't be surprised if Bailey killed her with one hand right now. They fight, and Runny Nose Guy lies down miserably. Once done fighting, Bailey comes over and very gently apologizes to him, which he sadly accepts and lifts himself back up. When he does, she sees a drop of clear liquid with some red in the middle on his pillow, which appears to be a very, very bad thing. He says, "See? This is why I'm never gonna have sex again." Bailey quietly has Izzie order a CT, and confirms that it's definitely not a cold.

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