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Derek joins Bailey and Izzie, annoyed that he was called out of Skinner's consult. They have something good for him, though. It turns out the drop on Runny Nose Guy's pillow was something called a halo sign, which means he's been leaking spinal fluid through his nose. I can't quite figure out the medical specifics of what's happening, but his brain is... sinking. Bailey is beating herself up for thinking it was a cold. She also tells Izzie she won't be in the surgery since she needs to study, and that Bailey will scrub in with Derek instead. He thought she was on Skinner, but she tells him she'll do both, and that she can't not do anything when she sent this poor guy home three times before.

Crush's daughter is delivered, and they tell her that she's beautiful. The joy is short-lived, however, as they do that very calm doctor voice and mention the amount of blood. Addison has Alex give the baby to a nurse so that he can help her fix up Crush, who keeps asking what's wrong. Getting no answer but hearing the urgency in her doctors' voices, she begins to panic. Once he gets the okay from Addison, Alex stops working on her and pulls off his mask to look into her face. He talks her down until she's calmer, and Addison continues to work earnestly while also observing the moment between the two.

George finds Celeste and tells her that she has no chance of an STD, but that Skinner is having surgery. When she doesn't answer, he asks how she is, and she admits she isn't really fine. "I probably won't really be fine until I don't care if he's fine anymore." Oh, don't worry, honey -- he might be powerful and the apple of your eye, but I wouldn't call him fine. Just then a woman runs up to them. Now we're just having a reunion of characters from original Mighty Big TV recaps! Mrs. Skinner is none other than Gail Leery, who I must say looks great these days. Before she goes in to see her husband, she gives Celeste her keys and asks her to move the car, very subtly putting her in her place. George asks Celeste what she's going to do, but she cagily avoids the real answer, saying she's going to move the car.

The interns are all hanging out with the cakes, and Meredith calls it divine retribution that Skinner slept with his assistant and gets a fish up his business. That's a kind of ballsy statement for someone whose boyfriend neglected to tell his girlfriend he had an estranged wife for the first weeks of their relationship. George and Izzie pointedly don't look at her, but Cristina calls her on it. Meredith says that then Addison showed up, and with the near drowning and the crazy mother it was enough. "I mean, it's not fish in my hoo-hoo, but it's certainly not an easy ride." Cristina lets it go, saying she cheated on boyfriends and nothing ever happened, and was it just her? George and Izzie look panicked and their eyes dart all over the room. It really would be more subtle if they just held up a banner that said, "We did it! And we LIKED it!" over their heads. Cristina and Mere don't pick up on it, though, and George changes the subject by asking about her favorite cake. She says she doesn't have favorite cakes, which is why they're there. "It's not eating for pleasure, I really need a choice," and appears to hand them a questionnaire. Pleasure or not, I wish my workplace had a variety of cakes spread out on the table. Meredith and Cristina leave, Mere reporting her whereabouts for Derek, and George and Izzie are once again left alone. She apologizes for freezing up, and he assures her it's fine and shuts her up by stuffing cake in her mouth. Potential wedding cake, even. Oh, the symbolism, it might actually just kill me. They laugh, and naturally Callie is walking by at this moment and sees the silly moment between the two. She shakes her head in disgust and leaves. Don't worry, Callie, we're all disgusted.

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