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Deterioration Of The Fight Or Flight Response (2)

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Izzie, Willie-Nillie
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Last week -- er, two days ago, AB's head exploded. Three hours, ABC, really? THREE HOURS?!

Burke is down, and Meredith gives the voice-over -- which, considering how anxious I already am, is TOO CALM BY HALF -- that we all need lots of shit to feel alive. The other interns get to chime in at this point with "family" (George: predictable), "love" (Cristina: ironic), "sex" (Izzie: not getting any from Magical Heart Patient Denny). McWeenie voice-overs his professional opinion that we only need one thing. "To actually be alive," Burke interjects. It's like the audio tape of one of those avant-garde plays where the stage is completely dark, all the actors are in black, and when they say their lines, their heads are the only thing illuminated. I can't stand those kinds of plays. There's a flatline and McWeenie looking down at something unknown. "We need a beating heart," Cristina gets to finish. Why did Bailey get shafted? Oh, and it goes on, but I can't deal. Basically, they're telling us that when our hearts are threatened, we either run away or stay and attack. Hence the episode title. Which is fantastically long, by the way. I'll bet they were worried people might confuse this episode with Enterprise's "Fight or Flight." That's totally it. All this time, Bailey is wrestling with the front of Burke's scrubs and yelling behind her. We can't hear anything because we're seeing and hearing it from Burke's perspective. His eyes are disturbingly open, but not because he's dead. But Marissa is! Marissa is dead: D-E-A-D DEAD!!

We cut to Magical Heart Patient Denny post-Izzie cutting the LVAD line. George breathes, "Izzie?" Alarms go crazy, Izzie stands stock-still, and George makes moves to bring Denny back. Izzie won't let him call a code and screams her MO. Denny needs to get worse so he can get his transplant. Izzie hand-pumps something -- I'm not a doctor, I don't know what it is. It's a Something. Don't email me, I like keeping hospitals and things a mystery. Like sausage making -- and screams that she will hurt George (not a lot because they are friends but enough so things will break) if he calls a code. They wrestle a little bit, and Izzie tells George he can stay and help her, or he can go.

Ambulances. Cristina is panting to be in on the action. She doesn't yet know that Burke is down. Webber tells her to run Trauma 2. Cristina drools and takes off. Webber receives Burke from Bailey. Burke's been shot in the right shoulder and has lost a lot of blood. Webber orders Burke brought to Trauma 1 and Cristina kept in the dark. Except that...don't you think with all her drive, ambition, passion, and power of repressed emotions that Cristina would be the most kick-ass surgeon in this situation?In Trauma 2, Cristina realizes she's got the restaurant shooter who blew off half his head in an attempt to weasel out of his issues. Cristina barks orders and dampens her panties when someone asks, "You running this?"

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