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Deterioration Of The Fight Or Flight Response (2)

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Izzie, Willie-Nillie

In the time-out, Meredith thanks George for calling her about Izzie. George states that he didn't do her any favors. Meredith insists that it meant something to her that he called. George insists right back that it didn't mean anything. "Right, okay, sorry," Meredith concedes. George yells at her to stop saying that she's sorry. There's a quiet moment. Finally, George admits that he knew that Meredith didn't feel "that way" about him. Oh, Sweet Mysteries of Exodus, get OVER it already! Damn, boy -- didn't you go to college?! George hems and haws his way through explaining why he thought one night with her was better than nothing. Sure -- I mean, the idea is, it's better to have fucked and lost than never to have fucked, right? Too bad she cried when she saw him naked. George concludes that Meredith should stop saying she's sorry because she didn't know any better. "But I did. And [long pause] I'm sorry," George finishes. Meredith looks at George. George painstakingly works up the courage to raise his brimming eyes to hers and looks down quickly, "I'm sorry, Meredith." FINALLY. You're a good man, George O'Malley.

Burke's surgery. Cristina apologizes to Burke and begs him to wake up. From Burke's bleary-eyed perspective, we can see Cristina saying, "Baby, wake up." Burke flails. It's scary. Cristina freaks and can't function. Webber and McWeenie yell at her to "get in there" and hold him down. She can't. She turns and stands off to the side. "Cristina!" McWeenie yells.

More heart surgery on Denny. They take him off bypass and wait for the transplanted organ to beat on its own. It doesn't. Hahn massages it. Still nothing.

Burke continues to flail, Cristina continues to be freaked out. Finally, McWeenie makes Burke look at him and forces him to calm down. McWeenie tells Burke they need him to move his fingers on his right hand. Burke, gasping and choking so much it makes me toke on my inhaler in sympathy, finally calms down as McWeenie assures him it's just the two of them. The camera zooms in on Burke's hand. McWeenie is still whispering, "Come on, come on -- you can do it!" We don't get any finger action. Okay, yuck, that came out weird.

Denny's surgery. They shock his heart with internal paddles. Nothing, nothing, massaging, nothing. Alex looks up at Izzie staring down from the observation room.Burke's surgery: Burke thrashes and chokes. Cristina stares.

Denny's surgery: Hahn massages.

Burke's surgery: Still nothing on the fingers.

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