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Deterioration Of The Fight Or Flight Response (2)

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Izzie, Willie-Nillie

Magical Heart Patient Denny's magical room. George doesn't seem to be liking Meredith's plan, which has something to do with them doing an echo themselves. Although the rest of them have never done an echo, Cristina was shown by Burke how to do one. Cristina tries to say she's not involved. More arguing about falling in love with a patient versus falling in love with an attending, all of which is finally silenced by Meredith saying, "We can't help who we fall in love with." "Sheeyah," George snorts. They all seem to agree on that point. The thing is, being "in love" with Crazy Callie of Osteo just doesn't hold the dramatic weight that these three loves -- Attending, Dying Patient, Attention -- hold. Poor George, always getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop.McWeenie gazes down at Burke and realizes Burke's hand is cold. Burke insists that his hands are always cold. Webber and McWeenie look at Burke's chart. "My hand's always cold," Burke keeps muttering to himself. He passes out and sets off alarms. Webber and McWeenie do a mean medical hustle, inject Burke's chest with less pop and panache than Pulp Fiction, and bring him back to consciousness. McWeenie tells Burke that his lung collapsed but he's okay now.

"He's been shot? Dude," Alex comments with a total lack of Hurley. Meredith explains their plan and begs Alex to help them stall Hahn. She asks him to do it for Izzie. Alex gives in and says he's not promising anything.

As Addison performs an ultrasound on Camille, the Promlets want to know if It was romantic. "You know, before the pain and paramedics and everything," one of them adds. Camille grins that it was: "You know that feeling when you look into someone's eyes and you're totally comfortable and you're aren't self-conscious and everything just is, like, perfect." In the middle of this, Addison looks serious. Whether it's because of Camille's naively romantic speech or because of something she saw on the ultrasound or a combination of the two, isn't clear. Addison wants to know if Camille has had any symptoms, like abdominal pain or nausea. "No, she's been fine," a Promlet says flippantly. Camille holds Addison's gaze. "You haven't been fine, have you?" Addison coaxes. Scared, Camille shakes her head. She hasn't been well for a month but she wanted to go to prom. She didn't want to be "the girl who had cancer again." "You're not!" a Promlet insists, "She's not, right?" Addison just looks at Camille, who realizes she is "the girl who had cancer again" and leans back on her pillow in defeat. Wow. Have sex, get cancer. Talk about the poster child for abstinence.

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