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Deterioration Of The Fight Or Flight Response (2)

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Izzie, Willie-Nillie

Addison finds Adele, who was sitting in a waiting room, trying to remember the night she lost her virginity. She can't. She remembers who it was and how old she was but she can't remember the details. Addison can remember all the details but wishes she couldn't. "That bad?" Adele wonders. "No, just not good. Good came later. And then really good came," Addison smiles. I like to think McWeenie was just "good" and "really good" was McSteamy. But that's because I want McSteamy back, since I firmly feel Addison deserves a guy who thinks nothing of stitching up his own face. Adele chuckles, then begs Addison to tell her Camille is going to have a chance to know what the good stuff is. Addison looks down. Adele breathes out a shaky, "Ooh." Addison takes her hand and sits with her.

The interns work on Denny. Stuff isn't good. Izzie apologizes to Cristina and begs her to understand and to realize that she loves Denny. This sparks another argument and the credits are STILL rolling and so basically, they argue how well Izzie even knows Denny. Cristina tells Izzie that, in order to preserve her career, a sane person would have run away before it got this far. "A sane person would marry me," Denny mutters. Izzie freaks and tries to get him to repeat it. Dude, the guy is DYING, don't make him repeat that! Izzie wants to know if anyone else heard that proposal. Even after the merciful commercial break, Izzie wants to know if Denny just proposed. George confirms that Denny sort of proposed. Izzie tries to wake Denny up. Flatlines sound and alarms go off. Priorities, woman: heart first, ring later. I think that should be a Stevie Wonder song or something. They paddle him.

When Hahn finds out that Burke is still alive, her comment is, "Shame. He probably would have made a good donor." Okay, Rockette Romano! Hahn goes right back to the disputed donor and starts to cut. Alex argues and badgers and says, "You can't do that," when Hahn cuts into the chest with a steady hand and a number ten blade. "I just did," Hahn points out.

Back at Seattle Grace, Webber finds all sorts of cummerbunded Promlings hanging around. He sends them all home. When they look downcast, Webber apologizes and explains to the two main Promlets that he can't have a bunch of teenagers running around, "People are sick. People are dy--" "Dying?" the Promlet echoes pointedly, "Yeah, we know." Webber walks off.

Burke flexes his right hand. He's able to move his fingers, but he tells McWeenie that he's developing numbness in his fourth and fifth fingers. McWeenie shows projected scans to Burke, telling him that there's pseudoaneurysm in the subclavian artery. He reminds Burke, "We'll wait a few days, maybe the aneurysm won't grow." Burke insists that even if the aneurysm stays the same size, there's too much damage. McWeenie says they'll go in there and fix it, relieve the compression on the nerves. Burke argues that the surgery could cause even more damage to the nerves, and he could lose function in his entire arm. McWeenie knows this, and says so resignedly. Burke wants to know if McWeenie is good enough to do the operation. McWeenie, in a rare moment of fallibility, will only say, "I think so." "But you're not sure," Burke breathes. "But I'm not sure," McWeenie whispers. Burke asks him what he should do. McWeenie smiles and says, "It's not like you to ask those kinds of questions." "It's not like you not to have the answers," Burke responds.

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