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Deterioration Of The Fight Or Flight Response (2)

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Adele reams Webber out for sending the Promlings home. "Adele, please, you're emotional," Webber says, blandly darting looks around and steering Adele off to the side. "I just told my sister her baby's cancer is back, you're DAMN RIGHT I'm emotional! If you don't want to bend your precious rules for Camille, fine, don't do it for her, do it for me. Do it for your wife who never asks you for anything, who says NOTHING about your long hours, who LOOKS the other way while you have an affair with another woman [D'oh!], who sobered you up when that woman left you, who stayed with you when everyone, EVERYONE said I would be better off alone! I'm not asking you, I'm telling you: you're going to make this up to Camille. You're going to prioritize the needs of your family above those of your other patients or. You're gonna find a new place to SLEEP!" Addison tries to talk to McWeenie, but he brushes her off. He darts into a dark room and sighs against the closed door. From the depths of the darkness, Webber comments that there's never a good place to hide in the hospital. McWeenie sits down next to Webber and babbles that he can't get perspective. Webber states that his niece's cancer is back: "She's seventeen and she's going to die. Plus, twenty-five years ago I had a secret affair with Ellis Grey and today I find out that my wife knew the entire time. There was no...secret and she stayed with me." Got your perspective yet, McWeenie? Guess not, because he sort of passes all this off with a glance and sniff that seems to indicate he wasn't even really listening. I mean, I know he was, but there was something so odd, so quick with that cut that it sort of undermined any empathy we're supposed to be reading in him. McWeenie mutters that he respects Burke. Aside from Burke being an arrogant ass who hogs the OR and thinks he's God (so, aside from Burke being a surgeon?), McWeenie thinks Burke is decent and honorable. McWeenie can't get perspective because Burke is one of the leading surgeons in his field and his surgical hand is in jeopardy. McWeenie says, "I can't do this, I can't be responsible for him." Webber comments, "Preston's an honorable and decent man, Derek, but so are you. You are honorable and decent." What color is the sky on your planet, Chief? Well, I guess one adulterer might not want to judge another sort-of adulterer because of the rising rent of glass houses, but Webber just poured his heart out to McWeenie and barely got a sniff. Now, McWeenie pours out his troubles and he gets Webber stroking his honorable and decent ego. Yech. Webber tells McWeenie he is too honorable and decent to run. He might be too honorable and decent not to run from Burke's surgery, but he's not too honorable and decent to run from both his wife and his lover. "You don't know how much I wish this was bourbon," Webber says, looking at his cup. McWeenie smiles because he can still drink if he wants to.

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