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Breaking Up Is(n't) Hard to Do
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Previously on Grey's Anatomy, the interns took their intern exams, Izzie told George she had no feelings for him, mountain climbers were brought into the ER missing one of their party who arrived later with an axe in his head, Crush got her memory back, Joe and Walter are adopting but the potential birth mom collapsed at the bar, Adele is pregnant and also collapses, and there's the little matter of the new Chief Resident and Chief of Surgery who need to be announced. In addition, I seem to be competing for Longest Run-On Sentence Ever.

This week, the Chief is giving the voice-over…OR IS HE? His voice tells us, "Being chief is about responsibility. Every single surgical patient in the hospital is your patient, whether you cut them open or not. The scalpel stops with you." Over this important job description, we see him at Adele's side as they rush her back into a room, as Addison and Burke arrive with the mom from whom Joe and Walter hope to adopt. The Chief continues that they need to be able to tell someone that they did everything they could for their child/husband/wife. As an avid watcher of Friday Night Lights, I can't see Rina, the pregnant woman, as anyone other than Waverly, her FNL character. I always suspected that she'd been out of town before we met her having a secret baby, and maybe she was doing that in Seattle. You never know! Addison asks Joe and Walter to leave the room, but they refuse. Addie then catches sight of the Chief and Adele and asks him what happened as his voice-over continues, saying that the Chief gets caught up in taking care of other people's families, as in real time he tells Addie he had no idea why she was even at the hospital. "And you sacrifice your own."

Cristina, Meredith, Callie, and Izzie are gathered together at Mere's house for the shower/bachelorette party, and Cristina says she likes wedding games after all, but she sounds so delighted, I wonder if those were drinking games. Callie is writing Cristina's vows on her hand so that she won't forget them during the ceremony. Izzie is making a bouquet out of toilet paper, presumably to go with Meredith's toilet-paper wedding dress. Izzie is in a right snit and informs Cristina that she doesn't need notes and instead should speak from the heart. Look, I don't care how in love I am with someone; I get really nervous speaking in front of people and I think that I'd need my own vows written down, so lay off. Of course, I'm deliberately trying to avoid the point, which is that Izzie is upset because she can't tell the man she loves anything since he's, oh, married. We've said it before, but let's say it again just for fun. If the timeline of this show is to be believed, didn't Denny pretty much JUST die? I absolutely believe that someone can move on from the death of a loved one, but this seems phenomenally fast. I'm also tired of arguing that I don't believe there's any real chemistry between Izzie and George, so I'll point out that little question this week instead. And back to the vows. Cristina predictably doesn't believe in any of Izzie's advice, telling her that the heart is an organ. "It pumps, circulates blood, gets clogged from time to time. It does not, however, speak. It doesn't have tiny little lips on it." Izzie tells her she's a pessimist, as she gets up and puts the bouquet on Mere's head. So I guess this mean's that I was wrong, and it's a really flowery hat. Cristina just announces that she's going to like marriage; her problem is just the wedding. With that, all the pagers except for Cristina's begin to beep, which upsets her. As she's about to leave behind Izzie and Callie, Meredith tells Cristina that she has to get married, no matter what happens, and that her getting married is a sign. "It's a sign people like you and me can do this! Be healthy, be happy. You marrying Burke restores my faith in me." They banter about Cristina's wedding being all about Meredith, but it's sweet, and these two hands-down have the best relationship on this show. Meredith asks her once more, "You can do this, right?" Cristina says she can, with a "no problem!" tone of voice.

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