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Breaking Up Is(n't) Hard to Do

At the hospital, George finds Bailey sitting in the ambulance bay on a bench, and they each remark that the other didn't go to the wedding. She's radiating a sense of defeat and sadness, and tells George she's so sorry. He asks what he does now, and she tells him, "You fail your intern test, you have two options. You can walk away from being a surgical resident altogether, or you can start from the very beginning." He clearly can't see taking another three years of being a resident, and gives a little sad, lost laugh. She sits next to him, and Bailey turns and pleads, "Did I fail you, George?" He immediately tells her no, and answers, "I failed YOU." She grabs his arm with an air of desperation, and each of them stares out into space. This is what this show did well. DOES well. Forget the forced relationships, stick to the amazing ones that were created and built for the past three seasons. That's what really inspires feeling.

Not to be outdone by Derek's best-man clich├ęs, Izzie peeks through the door into the church as Meredith gets Cristina ready. She's looking for George, which clearly grates on Callie. Alex comes out and compliments the bride with a dash of sincerity and a pinch of lechery, which is just how I like my Dr. Karev. Callie finally confronts Izzie. With a big smile, she says George might be late because of their big day, and proceeds to tell Izzie excitedly that she's Chief Resident and that they're going to try for a baby, rubbing in that they already tried earlier that day. Izzie -- having hoped "emotional day" meant that George had been so moved that he'd dumped Callie in the last 20 minutes, I guess -- can't seem to process the words that she's hearing. It's a kick-ass move by Callie, and I appreciate her finally standing up for her man without having to resort to begging.

Behind them, Meredith checks to make sure Cristina is good to go. Everything is fine until Cristina realizes that when she scrubbed in to make her cut, she scrubbed the vows right off of her hand. Did she not shower between the party where Callie was writing them and now? Even if it was really strong ink, I think they would have been gone long before that. Maybe Burke likes his ladies really "natural," if you catch my drift. Cristina begins to melt down, and inside the church, the crowd turns, totally hearing the shrieks coming from the other side of the door.

Inside, Derek offers to see what's going on, but Burke just assures him calmly, "Cristina wouldn't be Cristina if she didn't need a little push." The idea of that gives me the heebie-jeebies. Their relationship is firmly in the "disturbing" column at this point.

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