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Breaking Up Is(n't) Hard to Do

Meredith pulls the door of the church open, Izzie and Callie behind her. Their bridesmaid dresses are really nice, chocolate brown and each a different style to suit their bodies. I can guarantee, having been in weddings before, that there's no way they really could have gotten those dresses in the tiny amount of time that we're supposed to believe this wedding was planned. Meredith walks up the aisle alone, towards a confused Derek. She stares right at him a moment before turning around and announcing, "It's over. You can all go home. It's over. Sooooo over." Behind her, Derek looks sad, as she seems to have implied that it's not just Cristina and Burke who have reached the end.

At the hospital, Joe and Walter are each holding one of the twins, and Waverly smiles at them. Through the window, Adele watches them from her wheelchair, with Richard behind her. She reaches for his hand.

Alex makes it back to the hospital and rushes to Crush's room, but finds it empty. He looks completely stunned, I guess surprised that, after he coldly shut down a woman with whom he'd gotten so close, she'd not sit and pine for him a while longer.

Back at their apartment, Cristina stands in the living room alone, still as a statue. Meredith comes in and Cristina turns expectantly, and droops when she sees that it's not Burke. She tells Meredith simply, "He's gone." Meredith tries to stay hopeful, saying she's sure it's not for sure, but Cristina points out that his trumpet, his music collection, his grandma's picture by the bed, and his lucky scrub cap are all gone. Hold on a second -- his grandmother's picture that he kept by the bed? Grandma doesn't want to watch you doing that! Meredith and Cristina look at each other; Mere knows she's right. Cristina says, "He's gone. I'm…I'm free. Dammit." She swears over and over, panic growing with each word, and starts to claw at the choker around her neck. Meredith rushes to her and helps her get it off. Cristina then cries to help her get off the dress, and Meredith takes scissors and literally cuts her out of it to get her free as fast as possible. Once she's stepped out, she grabs Mere's hands and Mere holds her as she sobs. I'm glad at least to see the season end with the two people who have the best relationship of anyone at that hospital together, even if one's heart is breaking.

Callie stares at Izzie, alone in the church sitting in one of the pews. If this storyline doesn't change directions next season, I'm going to have an aneurysm. (And clearly, if that happens, I'm going to a more professional hospital than Seattle Grace.)

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