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Breaking Up Is(n't) Hard to Do

George is packing up his locker when the new interns come in. They're appropriately immature and excited, exclaiming at the excitement of bloody scrubs and the stink. They see George and uncomfortably say goodbye and clear out to go check out the thrill that is the cafeteria, but one girl stays behind and says hi. It's none other than the same girl who made Derek's week by flirting with him. She tells him shyly, "Well, you look seasoned and wise, got any advice?" He tells her no, but on second thought advises her to learn an appendectomy start to finish before her first day. She looks confused, but takes the advice, and asks if he's leaving for a better offer. He tells her, "Just, you know, life." And may he be able to get some control over his life if he's not working on being a surgeon; we can only hope. She wishes him good luck, and he introduces himself as just George. She is Lexie Grey. As she leaves, there's an actual swoosh of realization on the soundtrack to signal that she is indeed the brilliant younger half-sister of his own Dr. Meredith Grey.

And in the Chief's office, Richard sticks out his hand as he offers the job of Chief to…Derek. But Derek doesn't take his hand, and instead tells him that he's not right for the job. Richard is confused, as am I, since Derek made such a big deal of treating Meredith horribly because he thought he might want the job more than he wanted her. Especially now that he's basically begging her to dump him. Derek tells him, "A good chief learns from his mistakes. I'm still working on that. But you, if you had a chance to do it all over again, you'd do it differently. Go ahead. Do it all over again. You're the best man." About that, he's right. Richard is the best man in this hospital, hands down. He looks out the window thoughtfully, and the season closes with a shot of the Walkway of Drama.

Have a great summer, everyone, and thanks for reading. I just hope that the few months until September give the writers a chance to come up with a brilliant plan for these characters.

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