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Breaking Up Is(n't) Hard to Do

We now pick up the Chief's speech about being Chief, and it turns out he's been talking to Sloan. Richard tells him he never got the impression that he wanted to be Chief as much as he thought it was just something Sloan was trying to prove against Derek. Sloan is mad and growls, "I was in this to win, sir. I don't know if he's your new Chief but if he is, he's there because I made him fight for it." Richard admits he made all of them fight for it, and Sloan finally admits defeat and says, "So I'm not going to be Chief." Richard confirms this, and Sloan leaves the office.

In the climbers' group room, they appear to have just been told that their buddy was found, and they ask if the body was recovered. Derek corrects them: it was indeed him but he was alive. Derek asks them what really happened. I didn't realize it last week, but these episodes seem to be Shonda's homage to Friday Night Lights, since two of the three actors are also on the show: Herc and Billy Riggins. Herc's lying in bed with his head stabilized between some pads and he's the first to speak. His new story is that when the storm hit, the three of them wanted to get up to a ledge and wait it out. Billy explains that their friend started freaking out and demanding that they go down. He eventually just started climbing down, and since they all were tied together, they all fell. Their buddy -- the poor, I believe still nameless, guy who is the only one not on FNL -- says that he swung out with his axe to try and catch a rock, but instead caught their friend. The camera is back on Herc for this reveal, and the wild, shifty-eyed look on his face tells us that he's not a good liar and consequently that this is probably not going to be true. He closes his eyes and says it was an accident. Derek may be a horrible boyfriend, but he's still got some accurate instincts in his body; he looks skeptical at the whole story.

Adele wakes up and sees Richard at her bedside; in a panic she turns to Addison and just says, "What about --?" in a whisper. Addie admits that Richard knows, and then readies the ultrasound machine, telling her she's going to look for a heartbeat but that Adele should prepare for the worst. After a moment, though, there's a heartbeat. Addison explains that it's weaker than she'd like but liquids and a transfusion might help, and then tells Adele she's going into surgery but will be back as soon as she's done. Once she's gone, Richard asks Adele why she didn't tell him about the pregnancy. She wonders what his reaction would have been if she had, and pouts and turns over, telling him he probably has other work to go do with all the skill of a much younger woman. Richard doesn't take the bait and sits resolutely next to her bed, announcing, "I'm good right here."

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