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Breaking Up Is(n't) Hard to Do

At the nurse's station, Alex and Addie go over details for Waverly's surgery when Jason London comes up and interrupts them, asking if she's Dr. Montgomery. When she confirms that she is, he introduces himself as Jeff Pope, Rebecca's husband. Alex's face goes stony. From what I can tell, from all of the parties that were interrupted and the fact that the wedding is so soon, I figure the very earliest it could possibly be is 10 PM. It's an odd time to show up, and odder still that she'd be there, but no one expresses any surprise. It's not going to be the first time I puzzle over the schedules of everyone in this hospital.

Aha, it's definitely night! Cristina is lying awake in her darkened bedroom, staring at the wedding gown hanging on the door. At the hospital, Crush is in her own room, staring out the window, when her husband comes to the door. He calls her name and she takes a minute to turn around, looking terrified and sad. When she does, he clearly only sort of recognizes her in her brand-new face, but asks if it's really her, and then grabs her in a hug and kisses her, apologizing. The look on her face as she's in his arms is one of complete terror, and Alex looks at her from the hallway as her eyes look back at him pleadingly. Jeff's oblivious, and tells her, "I'll never let you go again." That might be a little more resonant if we didn't know that he hadn't seemed to be looking for her the last few weeks she's been living at the Hotel de Seattle Grace.

Mere encounters Derek in the hallway and he tries to brush her off, saying he's heading to surgery, but she just keeps talking to him, making best-man-maid-of-honor-hookup cracks and saying she's herself again and wants him to sleep over that night. Again, what night? If the wedding is in anywhere from 5-12 hours, are they even going to get a chance to sleep? And if so, isn't it not even worth it to make plans for so little time? Does she mean after the wedding? And if she meant afterward, wouldn't she just ask him after the wedding rather than at work? My brain, she is sore from all of this exertion. But instead of trying to clear this up, Derek merely turns and tells her matter-of-factly, "I met a woman last night." Um, again, wasn't that approximately two hours ago, which would make it that very same night? I need to stop being surprised by my confusion about timelines; I mean, this is a show that took three years to get through a calendar year. He goes on, "Nothing happened, she was pretty, I noticed, and we talked." It's kind of the return of the Derek who called Meredith a whore, in a way. She asks if she should be worried, which is a valid question with him throwing this in her face so cruelly. He answers, "Should you be worried that I met a woman? No. Should you be worried that for me, flirting with that woman was the highlight of my week? Yeah, you should be worried or something." She's understandably pissed. I think that at some point, if I were Meredith, I'd take a moment to remind him that in the past few weeks I was the one who almost drowned, lost my extremely ill and quite cruel mother, lost my caring, wonderful stepmother, and was slapped and humiliated by my absentee father in front of my co-workers, and that means I still was the one allowed to not always be the perfect girlfriend every moment of every day, and if he really cared, he'd be more understanding, but maybe that's just me.

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