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Breaking Up Is(n't) Hard to Do

The Chief is now telling Addison that she's not going to be the next Chief either. When she tells him she needs the job and a reason to stay in Seattle and begs to know why she's not getting it, he tells her gently, "Addison, ABC wants to spin off your character in an attempt to create another successful primetime drama, so you can't be Chief here in Seattle." I mean, he tells her, "That's why. If you need a job to give you a life, you either need a new job, or a new life."

Burke and Derek scrub in, and Derek tells him that he's a lucky man. He expands on the thought, explaining that Cristina is there, sure, and willing to commit. Seriously, I'm just for Meredith and Derek breaking up at this point. Rather than whining, he needs to try and solve his problems -- not just bitch at his girlfriend, but TALK to her -- and if he's not going to do that, just get out. This is so old and tired and he seems to think he's the good guy in the scenario, which I quite disagree with. Sloan comes in and announces that it's T-minus five hours, and gives himself a pat on the back for his own excellent best-man skills. Derek ponders this and tells Burke, "Worst-case scenario, I sleep with your wife in ten years." There's kooky music to accompany all of the silly adultery banter.

Bailey saunters past the announcement board and Callie totally catches her, saying that Chief Resident hasn't been posted yet. Bailey tries to deny that she was looking for it, but then laughs since she was caught red-handed. It comes off as self-deprecating rather than as fake modesty, and I add it to the list of things I love about Bailey. George then walks in, and when Callie sees him, she grabs him and shoves him into an empty office.

Once in the room, she's stammering and acting like a crazy woman, which she readily admits. She goes on and on about how something is against her will and she's a surgeon who loves her life as is (well, so would I if I suspected my new husband of having an emotional/physical/all-inclusive affair with his best friend who's been a giant bitch to me) and goes on to say she has no desire to house a being in her body for nine months and then push it out and raise it. Except, of course, that's all she can think about, and it's affecting her life. "It's hormonal. And horrible. But it is happening. To me!" George is stunned, as am I, because this is so out of left field, and I only desperately hope for her and this as-yet-unconceived child that she's telling the truth, and this isn't a move to try to fix her relationship. He repeats that she wants to have a baby, and she just tells him, "Apparently." He points out in a daze that there's a guy with an axe in his head in the other room, and Callie tells him he's a freak and gives him permission to run. He thanks her and does, practically leaving a cartoon dust trail in his wake.

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