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Breaking Up Is(n't) Hard to Do

Jeff is holding his baby when Alex walks up. Jeff makes comments about her looking like Rebecca used to look, and comments that he's giving Crush space since she seemed overwhelmed. Alex seems to be in a fighting mood, and rests casually on the door frame to ask Jeff why, with the ferry crash on the news and a missing wife, he wouldn't look for her. Jeff just explains that he thought she left him. I guess it goes without saying that he then sat in a darkened room with no television, internet, or news of any kind to sulk, since we know her image was everywhere. Jeff then blathers on a bit about how he didn't look for her when she was gone, "but what's worse is, I didn't see her when she was there." Ah, poetry. He can't imagine what she looked like when she came in, but Alex jumps in to menacingly tell him that she looked beautiful. Jeff just nods and turns his attention back to the baby, saying that he loves Crush, and Alex leaves.

Cristina walks into the hospital in sweats, hair still in rollers, holding her wedding dress in a garment bag. She finds Meredith at a desk and calls her name, but without turning Meredith launches bitterly into the story about Derek meeting a woman and telling her all about it. When Cristina again says her name she still doesn't turn, so Cristina announces, "Meredith, you know how sometimes it's about you and sometimes it's about me? This is really, really about me." Meredith turns, and exclaims at the sight: poor Cristina is sporting quite the five-head, and too-calmly announces, "Mama took my eyebrows. She took my eyebrows, and now I am a Burke." Until this moment, I never realized how important eyebrows were for breaking up a solid expanse of face.

Derek strolls smugly and angrily into the Group Room for Frostbitten Climbers. I guess Axehead's name is Lonnie, since Derek announces that he's stable but has sustained significant damage. When Herc asks if he's awake, Derek asks if they want him to be. When they all express surprise, he tells them the axe was there on purpose, and he wants to give them another chance to tell the truth. If only the girlfriend who didn't know about the wife he had back home was there to see this display of integrity. The climbers all exchange glances as best they can -- at least, those who can move their heads -- and non-FNL guy starts to speak but is shushed, and also given the name of Andy. Derek just self-righteously asks Andy if that's how he lets them speak to him on the mountain, and tells them he has to speak to Lonnie's family; they can speak to the cops who are waiting in the doorway. Andy looks tortured, and is clearly going to be the first to crack.

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