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hey fill him in on what happened and when he asks her if she's okay, she tells him she is and she's going to stay, if that's okay with him. It's old Cristina! It's old Professional Cristina Voice! Huzzah! It's of course okay, and Richard gets down to the reason for his visit -- he wants to know if their patient is a 20-year-old redhead. When they say that he is, he solemnly tells them that he needs any bullet fragments that they collect. There must be some sort of Stupid Gas in the air because no one seems to catch on to the situation and Teddy has to ask what's going on. Richard tells them that they are currently operating on the shooter, and any bullet fragments they find will be evidence. Teddy allows herself to close her eyes for one moment at the news, and dramatic music ushers us into the commercial break to ponder this turn of events.

People, watch Off the Map! Then go and read the recaps by the always-awesome Joe R! You know you'll love them.

Back from commercial, the staff all waits while Teddy composes herself, but when she tries to get back to work, one of the nurses tells her in a quivery voice that she can't do it. The Stupid Gas is still in the room, so Teddy doesn't seem to understand what she means and Jackson angrily explains that she can't save a guy who just shot up a bunch of other people. He's on a roll until Teddy cuts him off to point out that she had to work on Iraqi soldiers that had attacked Americans and she didn't like that either, but she took an oath. She tells Jackson it's not his place to judge, and that he's there to save lives that need saving. I actually can really understand both sides of the argument but I'm alarmed that Jackson seems to have been taking lessons from Derek about being infuriatingly condescending -- it's affecting his hotness for me, and I don't like that. He refuses to continue and leaves, as does the nurse, though she apologizes sincerely for it. Teddy then looks around and asks Cristina if she's staying. Cristina says she is, and so they get back to work.

When Richard gets back to Faz, he finds April trying to intubate him as alarms ring to indicate his plummeting vitals. It turns out he's got a belly filled with blood.

Outside, Owen is having people clear the area and when he sees them wheeling Faz out of the trauma room, he sends them right back and calls for an anesthesiologist to come down. Richard is not pleased to hear that he's going to have to operate in a makeshift OR on a hero cop, but Owen tells him it's his best option. Richard is skeptical but then again, so is Owen, who is just hoping that this crazy idea works. Richard sends April off to get supplies for the procedure and then sees Avery wandering about, so asks if Teddy is done. Avery just mounts his high horse and points out the obvious -- that a cop is bleeding out while upstairs they are using an OR to save the shooter -- even though Richard obviously knows this as he's the one who broke the news in the first place. Owen's horrified to hear this and is surprised when it turns out Cristina is aware of the situation but still helping out. When April comes out he reassigns her to oversee the outpatient recovery area, and when she starts to panic just a little he reminds her that she trained for this and she just needs to oversee everything.

In a neighboring OR, Arizona tries to use the time alone with Callie to start talking about their problems, as does everyone at this fine medical establishment. But Callie decides that this time it's not allowed. She declares that she's just there to rebuild this girl's leg, and that there's to be no talking otherwise.

Owen goes into the scrub room and watches Cristina, who has conveniently moved to the other side of the table so she can't see him. He catches Teddy's eye and they have a silent conversation of miniscule nods that translates to, "Holy shit, this is a giant fucking mess, what on earth is going on and is my wife going to crack up again when I just got her back?" "It's all good, she's okay; go get back to work with the other patients."

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