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Impractical Magic
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The season is almost over, so this week we start out with action right away -- action in the form of an unconscious woman brought in with bloody bandages all over her midsection. With her are a man with a hideous moustache and soul patch wearing a tux with a sparkly red vest, and a woman in a vaguely matching sparkly red minidress who are screaming at each other. He's a magician named Danny (I like to think it's a nod to the illustrious Danny Gans, though Danny Gans would never have that hideous facial hair) and both the woman in the dress and the one on the stretcher were his two assistants. The poor one on the stretcher, Kayla, also happens to be his wife. The sparkly red-dressed assistant, Elise, screams at the man that they weren't ready as the doctors pull back the bandages and blood starts to spurt all over everyone. Finally, the doctors learn that they were performing the "cut the woman in half" magic trick at a trade show only this time... he accidentally ACTUALLY cut the woman in half. Meredith hollers out for someone to call Bailey. She also VOs that while surgeons know a whole lot about the human body, there are only so many tricks they have to put it back together.

Someone puts a nicely branded (but sleeve-free) cup of coffee on the counter with "Lauren" written across it. Shout out to the world's coolest recapper, obviously. Arizona picks up the cup and starts pouring an ungodly amount of sugar into the cup as a tall, gorgeous woman behind her says that she's Lauren. COINCIDENCE? I think not. Arizona is super apologetic but Lauren just laughs it off and takes the cup with Arizona's name on it, then begins saucily drinking the coffee. Arizona realizes that this is a totally cinematic meet-cute because she gets all nervous and embarrassed, and Lauren walks away flirtily telling Arizona that she hopes they'll see each other again. Oh, show. Seriously? After everything you put us through with Callie and Arizona this season this is what you came up with?

Callie walks up as they rush Kayla inside; she's got some ortho-esque problems but Callie isn't needed yet since they first have to, oh, patch Kayla's internal organs back together. Danny and Elise are still arguing and seem to genuinely hate each other, which I feel isn't really a good thing when you have to work together with chainsaws. Apparently Elise was screaming their safe word, "Titanic," but he couldn't hear her over the sound of the saw -- a technical detail I feel they will want to revisit in the future. Derek runs up and grabs Heather to work on his case and she pouts because she wanted in on the gruesome chainsaw action. Then Richard runs up and tells Mere and Callie that he's still taking Bailey's patients. Callie is surprised and details for us that Bailey was cleared of the infection and given the okay to go back to work but obviously it looks like she's not ready. Once Mere, Richard and Smash get Kayla into the elevator and can't be overheard, Mere asks Richard incredulously how she is even still alive. No one can figure that out.

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