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Bailey is totally startled to hear Ben's voice and rushes to unlock the door for him. She asks who called him but he tells her it doesn't matter (at Richard's request, I am certain) and cuts her off while she frets about his intern exams. He reminds her that he's her husband, and she doesn't have to go through things alone anymore because he is there to help her. He then gathers her in a big hug and tells her softly that it wasn't her fault. She begins to fall apart as she argues that it was and then looks at her hands, saying that she put those hands into patients and they died. She admits that though they have cleared her, she can't bear the thought of going back into an OR in case something like this happens again, and she's been testing herself over and over. He's horrified to see the sheer number of dishes as she cries that the feeling that she's dirty refuses to go away. He then gathers her back into his arms and tries to soothe her. I'm so glad they let these two actually get married, and if anything happens to them, I'm going to be a very unhappy camper.

Owen and Cristina are spooning in an on-call room but she looks troubled and finally tells him that he's changed. It's not accusatory at all, just sad and matter-of-fact as she adds that he wants a kid. Owen seems to have no idea where this is coming from and assures her that he wants her, finally interrupting her to kiss per passionately. But she seems unconvinced, and after sharing a look with him, she turns back over and clutches at one of his hands while she lays her head back down.

As Mere reminds us that there's no such thing as magic, we see Zola in a princess dress serving tea to Mere and Derek, who are wearing tiger ears and a princess tiara, respectively. Even my cold dead heart thinks this is about the cutest thing in the world. After having seen Terror Brother, Derek is worried that Fetus is going to be a jerk, but Mere assures him that it's going to be fine. She also points out that Zola will probably do a good job handling him since she's skilled at bending people to her will -- case in point, Derek in a tiara, sipping tea with his pinky in the air.

Alex drags his butt home and his shoulders slump when he sees Princess waiting on a bench outside his front door. He pleads that he's trying to leave her alone but she keeps popping up everywhere and he doesn't need her to yell at him again about the same things over and over. She is staring at the ground and when he gets close, finally turns and looks up at him. He's shocked to see that her face is beaten, and she asks him in a quavering voice if she can stay there for the night. Alex's white knight instincts kick in; he looks murderous, and if I were Jason I'd be very nervous right now. Mere finishes up that while not everything can be repaired, almost everything can be survived.

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