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Ethan is sleeping in a chair next to his dad's bed and Grandma explains to Owen that he overheard the eight-day thing and wants to be there when his dad wakes up. Owen is slightly exasperated since the human body doesn't always follow specific medical schedules and when he asks Grandma if she understands this she tells him, almost offended, that of course she does, but Ethan is just a little boy. Owen points out the obvious, that it's kind of Grandma's job to prepare Ethan for the possibility that his dad won't wake up, but Grandma can't bring herself to do that and begs Owen to take care of it instead. She starts to cry again, so we're reminded AGAIN that she seems incredibly ill-prepared to really care for Ethan. Ethan then wakes up, excitedly asking them if he missed it, and Owen just looks sad.

Cristina walks into the elevator where she finds Alex doing his best Unabomber impression, slouching with his grey hoodie pulled up over his head. She begins to complain about Paul's family gathering around expectantly on the eighth day but then realizes he's ignoring her and turns to see that he's got in earbuds and hasn't heard a word she said. She pulls one out of his ear and teases him for indulging his broken heart, and then orders him to get over Princess. He claims it's hard when he's always running into her and on cue, the doors open and there she is. Cristina orders her to take the stairs instead, and closes the doors.

April has a patient in the ER who is moaning and grabbing at her stomach while her two drunk, airhead girlfriends slur about their partying and ass-grabbing and take pictures. Because nothing is more awesome than pictures of your friend's 21st birthday hospital visit, for sure. Tweedle Drunk and Tweedle Dumb order the girl, Kimmy, to "boot and rally" so she can get back to her birthday celebrations but Kimmy can't hear them over her moans of pain. April tries to ask them questions but the two probably wouldn't be smart enough to answer even if they hadn't drunk their own body weight in alcohol already. One of them eventually boots (and, presumably, rallies) while the other cackles uncontrollably.

Arizona is happily drinking out of her Lauren cup when Callie comes up and asks who Lauren is... she's the amazingly cool recapper of this show, guys, duh. Arizona starts to answer but Callie didn't really care that much and instead wants to talk about Bailey and how vexed she is that Richard is still caring for her patients. She thinks that Bailey should just be mad at Jackson for calling the CDC and tells him that as they walk up; he insists that they all called but Callie refuses to take any responsibility for it. Arizona leaves to go do a consult and Callie leaves to go fret about Bailey some more which gives Stephanie an opportunity to storm up to Jackson with a face like thunder. He realizes he forgot dinner (and sex) the night before and apologizes profusely without actually letting her get a word in edgewise. Before she knows what has happened he has held an entire one-sided conversation and promised to make it up to her later that night.

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