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Callie wanders back into the OR ostensibly to check on Kayla but really to progress Bailey's storyline and how it's tied to Richard - he tells her he doesn't want to hear about how Bailey is still mad at all of them, but she persists and points out that she thinks Richard might be the only one who could convince her to come out of the lab. When Mere agrees, Richard snaps and yells at the two of them that Bailey doesn't want to see him right now because he hurt her badly, and he's not sure their relationship will ever recover. He then orders them to drop it and focus on the surgery and they are both so stunned by his outburst that they do it.

Stephanie walks into Paul's room where Cristina is having a conversation with someone in French, and she deserves Cristina's scorn when she asks if she is still on the phone with the doctors in France about a possible coma fix. Girl. I know you're desperate to get in any word with anyone today, but asking a question more obvious than, "Is the sky blue?" or "Is Ryan Gosling dreamy?" isn't going to win you points from anyone. At any rate, the French case didn't offer the answers that they needed, and neither did a doctor in Mexico City who Stephanie called. Cristina dismisses her for again being useless, and Stephanie glares but stomps out of the room. This story thread would be tedious if it were about a character I cared about, but since we still don't really know (and therefore care about) Stephanie that much, it's extra excruciatingly dumb.

Derek is doing surgery on a plastic doll head while Alex and a lot of other doctors gather around to watch him stick some sort of pole down the plastic neck, under the plastic skin. I think they were working on a small effects budget this week. Princess comes in to observe and Derek happily calls her over, much to Alex's annoyance. And where is the only open spot for her to stand? Right next to Alex, of course. Derek finishes up the procedure and reports that if all goes well, and a few weeks the tissue he just put in the girl's brain will suck up all the blood it's supposed to. Heather is bummed that there aren't immediate or guaranteed results, so Derek dismisses her and has Princess help close instead. Of course Alex can't believe it, because damaged martyrs with attitude problems are his weakness and he can't get over his loooooove.

April pulls what looks like a giant steak out of Kimmy's abdomen and then she and Jackson chat easily while they work, teasing each other like they used to back before they went to the carnival and things got weird between them. Jackson is still having a hard time with the fact that he can't do all the surgeries he'd like since he's busy running the hospital and jealous of Lauren being able to fly all over the world, performing miracles. April tells him he's performing one here by holding the hospital together, and he thanks her sincerely.

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