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Impractical Magic

Derek and Heather are in with Iris and her parents, and she's got her arm strength back and it looks like all is well. Of course, when Derek tells them about the blood-soaking tissue Heather can't help but add petulantly that it will be a while before they see results. Come on, she's the coolest and most competent of the interns. Do we really have to see her get an attitude problem now too? They've already tried to force "kooky" on us. Terror Brother then gets up and starts to run around since no one has paid him attention in five seconds but Derek has an idea. He kneels down and tells the kid that he has to be nice to his sister because they put magic inside her head and she now has special powers. After he leaves, Heather leans down and adds that he actually put a vampire in her head, so Terror Brother had better watch out. Fortunately, that seems to finally make an impression and the kid just gapes.

Kimmy is finally out of surgery and when April comes out of her room, she hears the Tweedles talking about spring break and wondering if Kimmy will be able to go and if she can still drink. April's head practically spins around and she turns and asks them why they don't skip the trip, or even bring some books along to try and study? Jackson has turned around and is watching this from a distance, and when April suggests that these girls could be doctors or CEOs, his facial expression is awesome, all, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves..." April pleads with them to get good grades and to help each other be awesome. The girls are so shocked at April's speech that they agree that they want to be awesome, but methinks they think "awesome" means "drunk" and "winning a wet t-shirt contest."

When she rejoins Jackson the two of them have a laugh and then before she realizes what she is doing, she invites him to go for a drink. He doesn't answer for a very long moment which gives her time to get nervous, and then he turns her down because he has plans. She too quickly tells him it's fine because she has to meet Matthew anyway, and they say they will do it another time in that way that means that they probably won't, at least for now. She then watches him go, confused and a little bit sad.

Paul is unfortunately still comatose, and while Cristina thinks they might still have a chance, Owen reminds her it's been an hour and that means that this fix didn't work. He then leaves to go see if the social worker is going to take Ethan away, while Cristina stares helplessly at her patient.

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