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Callie is finally home, reading a book and drinking tea when Arizona comes in, dragging some boxes from across the hall. Callie tries to stop her and says she hasn't decided yet if they are moving back in together but Callie stops her and points out that they love each other. She also informs Callie that if she sleeps with anyone else ever again she'll kick her butt, but for now she's to take it easy because she doesn't want anything happening to her baby. Callie is totally charmed by her taking possession of the egglet and Arizona corrects herself to call it, "our baby." Arizona reaches towards her and they have a schmoopy we're-having-a-baby kiss that leads to schmoopsy we're-having-a-baby clothing removal.

Sadly, Mark is not to have the same type of happy ending with Lexie. She's totally bubbly while she cooks dinner but Mark looks like he's about to barf and finally blurts out that Callie is having a baby. Lexie is thrilled at first but as she talks she starts asking how they did it and working out the timeline in her head. Her voice trails off and she looks at Mark, who is hunched over and giving her sad, guilty puppy-dog eyes. Her face falls, totally betrayed. Mark hopefully tells her that he saw the heartbeat, and that this child is a part of him, but she doesn't want to hear it. She cuts off Mark as he asks if there's a way to make it work and just demands to know how on earth he got her into this position not once, but twice. She grabs her coat and heads out, slamming the door behind her. I adore these two together but I'm not sure a relationship can survive two surprise infants.

Meredith's end-of-day voiceover is fairly short, as she concludes that doctors practice their worst deception on themselves. Meredith is still sulking when Derek finds her and nonchalantly tells her to put her name on the board for his next surgery. She grins as her voiceover concludes that sometimes it takes a while to realize the truth has been in front of you the whole time.

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