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Arizona walks up to Teddy and asks her about her day but it doesn't take long for Teddy to realize that Arizona has no interest whatsoever in actually listening to her; instead, she pulls Teddy around a corner to... another wide open location and announces that she might be having Mark's baby. Teddy is appalled that Mark must have earned another notch in his belt (which would have to wrap around him twice by now) but Arizona quickly explains the situation and concedes that at least Mark's genes are quite more than just decent with him being both pretty and smart. But while she wanted a baby with Callie she's not sure she wanted Callie's baby with Mark. It's a modern-day miracle that with all of the times she's uttered the words "Mark," "baby" and "Callie" no one else heard what was up. Arizona just wants Teddy to say something reassuring but while Teddy tries to pull her wits together as she absorbs all this news, Arizona gets a page and has to run.

She runs to an exam room where Callie is freaking out to Mark and a new pretty blonde doctor named Lucy, sure that something is horribly wrong. It's pathetic that I immediately recognized Lucy from Transformers. I'm judging myself, don't worry. She's not entirely excited that she's facing a room full of doctors who all have their own ideas of what might be going on (and solutions of how to fix whatever that might be). Mark demands to know her credentials, which turn out to be rather impressive. She asks about the odd little party in front of her and after some hemming and hawing Callie announces, "Lesbian lover. Baby daddy." And then gets right back to fretting. Lucy now has a much better grasp on why the air is a little bit tenser than usual and gets to the scan, where she happily shows them the little egglet and says that things look good. Callie, though, has completely melted down since we saw her earlier this morning, which seems a bit out of the blue until we learn that it's because she had some bleeding. That fact got thrown in almost like an afterthought, when in fact it makes her behavior now totally understandable. Lucy's assurances that this is normal do absolutely nothing for Callie, nor does the info that it's too early to hear a heartbeat. Lucy tells her to take it easy for a few days and to call her if things get worse or if she has any pain, but Callie grimaces and one can only assume that relaxing is not on Callie's schedule for the foreseeable future.

The quadruple bypass patient whose surgery sparked the resident-off between Jackson and Cristina is a woman named Martha who I immediately recognized from The Wedding Singer. I'm not really building up my movie cred this week, am I? As they tell her about her surgery the two residents try to outsmart and out-nice each other. When Cristina takes Martha's hand to assure her things will be okay, Jackson then sits down on her bed to give her his personal cell phone number. Martha is thrilled to be getting the best care of her life, and Jackson turns on his megawatt smile and assures her this is just what they do. At least, it is now that Cristina's back and he's had to up his game. Poor Teddy is trying so hard to keep from rolling her eyes that I'm worried she might sustain an injury.

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