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Mere follows Alex around asking about the surgery and he manages to get in some solid gloating until they hear yelling coming from Daniel's room. When they get there he is calling for his wife, but he doesn't mean Rose -- he is looking for someone named Victoria. He's confused and scared and despite all of Rose's efforts to calm him and bring him back, he keeps demanding Victoria. Meredith finally runs in and calmly asks him questions, but when she asks where Victoria is, he doesn't know. Meredith assures him that she will find her, which seems to calm him down. She then pulls Rose aside to ask if she knows who Victoria is and, gutted, Rose tells them that Victoria is the woman he loves.

The next shot we see is of a woman who is not Rose sitting on Daniel's bed and the two laugh and talk closely together. Rose explains to the doctors, including Derek, that the two met at the nursing home. With them is Ben, Victoria's husband, and he and Rose have obviously formed a very sad sort of partnership. Victoria has vascular dementia but the effects are about the same as with Alzheimer's. For both of the patients, when they are lucid they know their real spouses but when they aren't, they are in love with each other. Rose is worried that this might affect the surgery but Derek assures them that they can still do it since Daniel gave his consent when he was lucid. Ben asks if they can include Victoria in the trial and when Derek has to tell him it's just for Alzheimer's patients, Ben resorts to heartbreaking begging. It's pretty horrible for every one of them except Daniel and Victoria, who giggle at a joke and then kiss tenderly.

As Bailey prepares for her next surgery, Lexie reads out the well-wishing tweets that are arriving from other hospitals. Bailey tells her to turn it off on the Chief's orders but April jumps in and starts wheedling that everyone already wants to know how this guy's surgery is going to turn out (it was his third -- how long was Bailey doing this before now?) and she finally points out that the Chief doesn't read Twitter, so how would he even know? Bailey tries to hold firm but Lexie picks up where April leaves off, telling Bailey she's had 3,000 residents following her up until now, and does she really want to let them down? Bailey's no match for them and finally concedes that Richard wouldn't know, which of course means it's a sure thing that he's going to find out somehow. But she can't resist, and away they go.

Mark finds Derek working away on his research, already a bit beaten down by the emotional punch Alzheimer's can pack. Mark's the man for taking his mind off things, and announces that Callie is having his baby. Mark is over the moon, and insists that he really wants the baby but he's also looking for advice since he doesn't want to lose Lexie over this. Of course, this news isn't exactly what Derek wants to hear since he and Meredith have been trying for months with no success, and he tells Mark he's the poster child for failing up. He's saved from having to come up with any solutions to Mark's problems because Mark gets a page and sprints out of the room.

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