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Mark is walking across the bridge when his pager beeps yet again, and as dramatic drums start to pound he turns and sprints down the hall. But as opposed to being the emergency it seemed, when he gets to Callie he reads her the riot act for paging him 911 when nothing was actually wrong. Lucy just keeps her head down and does paperwork while Callie sobs that something could be wrong, and that she's a "hormone casserole" and can't handle being yelled at. She cries that she has a gut feeling something is wrong and at this, Lucy discreetly hands over a box of Kleenex, possibly starting to sympathize a little. Callie cries that she's not sure she believes that Arizona is really in this with her but by this point, even Mark knows she's being crazy and he tells her that he believes Arizona isn't going anywhere. This line of fretting mercifully shut down, Callie changes direction and asks him what he's going to do about Lexie, and in doing so works herself up again, yelling that everything in her life is a disaster. She doesn't want the baby to be one too, and she's terrified that she's going to screw something up. Mark realizes they've finally gotten to the actual heart of the matter and he gives her a hug while Lucy looks on.

Cristina is updating Teddy on Martha when Jackson runs up, and Teddy steels herself for more bickering. They want to know who's going to assist but Teddy points out that their patient care is the best it's ever been, and if she tells them now one of them will just run off and sulk. Jackson, who is just doesn't play in the same league as Cristina, is just about ready to do that anyway; he's obviously wiped out by keeping up this competition and brats that he's the obvious choice since he's been practicing this procedure in the lab for a month. Cristina just counters that she doesn't need practice, and Jackson is left having to admit that yes, she has more experience. But then, as he's fatigued and there's only a few seconds left in the game, he makes a clumsy rookie mistake and earns himself a technical foul by shooting back that Cristina hasn't exactly logged a lot of hours in the OR these past couple of months, has she? Cristina thinks a moment, and then just turns and marches away. Teddy asks if he is really so insecure that he had to go there, and Jackson slumps and says he's not insecure, he's an idiot. Oh, I think there's plenty of insecurity tossed in there too. He obviously regrets it the second it's out of his mouth but still, there you have it -- he just as obviously totally lost the game for himself on his own dumb mistake.

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