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The Chief has his glasses on, all the better to make him look old and confused while he tries to find Bailey's Twitter page. Owen makes his single appearance of the day (Kevin McKidd directed this episode, so Owen conveniently had the day off) to offer some help. And he does in fact give Richard the most important help he would receive all day: when Richard murmurs that he's trying to locate Bailey's "teats" on the internet, Owen knows that he means "tweets" and tries to make clear just how important it is that Richard figure out the correct lingo in this case. As Owen takes over finding the page Richard gripes that Twitter was made for gossip, not medicine. But Owen plays devil's advocate and points out that GPS was originally a military tool used to track troops but now it's in everyone's car. They had no idea that one day that advanced technology would help all of us find each and every one of the 87 Starbucks in any given neighborhood at any time. Owen pulls up the page and notes that Bailey's tweeting a surgery right now, and Richard hits the roof.

Bailey is explaining something for Lexie to tweet when Richard runs in yelling a reminder that he told her specifically not to tweet until he'd looked into it. Bailey plays dumb and pretends to have misunderstood him, but he knows that's bull. He then hears the beep of Lexie's phone and yells at her to put it away, but the patient conveniently starts to hemorrhage and as the alarms ring and Bailey and Richard are distracted by the surgery, Lexie keeps tweeting away.

After some discussion about having to remove the guy's pancreas, Richard realizes what Lexie is doing and again yells at her to stop; even Bailey finally calls her name as a warning. But lo! Lexie saves herself and the surgery by reading out a tweet from someone at Walter Reed suggesting a particular procedure. Richard doesn't think it can be done in trauma cases but it starts a conversation about it, and how it uses certain cells. Bailey thinks it could work but Richard points out they don't have the right machine for harvesting said cells. Saved by the tweet yet again, Lexie announces that Northwestern has the machine. Richard is amazed that this tiny gossip machine is actually helping out in his surgery, but Northwestern is too far away. Thankfully, there are many more hospitals following this surgery and they realize they can get what they need in Tacoma. Bailey has Lexie tell the hospital that she's on her way, says she'll be back in 90 minutes and has Richard hold down the fort while she's gone.

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