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Dear ABC Promo Department: You're probably not going to win new viewers for this show with promos that make it seem that the episode is about some revolutionary cutting edge surgical procedure. You've got hot doctors having inappropriate sex -- stick with that.

Previously, on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith kissed McDreamy, George's dad was admitted with what eventually turned out to be cancer and a heart problem, Meredith learned that she had a half-sister she never knew about, George was an ass to Callie, the Chief stopped seeing Meredith's mother in order to focus on his own marriage, and the truth about Burke's tremor came out when George asked Dr. Hahn to perform his father's heart surgery.

We're at Ellis's nursing home, where she's freaking out over the fact that the Chief has decided he can no longer visit her. There's an incredible amount of pain and rage in her voice as she rants on about the Chief leaving her for his own wife (the nerve!). Meredith tries to calm her down by bringing her into the present: "Mom. Mom, look at me. This happened a very long time ago. This is not happening now." Ellis seems to comprehend for just a second, and then she tells Mere, "It's because I have a daughter, isn't it? He always said he didn't want kids. I should never have had a kid." Ouch.

The Chief's office. Bailey, Cristina, Burke, Derek, and the Chief are all sitting silently. It's like someone put them in a time-out. Bailey stands and walks to the door, but before she leaves, she turns and asks the Chief, "What's going to happen to them?" She's pointing at Cristina and Burke. She wants to know what their "punishment" is going to be, declaring, "There's a need for justice." The Chief: "Justice has no definition within the four walls of a hospital." Well, certainly not within the four walls of this hospital. The Chief declares that Cristina and Burke have done nothing wrong, "legally and technically." What about ethically? Morally? Medically? Do any of those words ring a bell, Weber? Bailey is not happy about this shit, but she doesn't press the point. That is, until the Chief tells Cristina to go back to work with Bailey. The Chief doesn't understand why she's so angry, and asks, "Am I not understanding this? Does this situation directly harm you in some way?" She tells him it doesn't, and he orders her and Cristina to get back to work. Once they leave, the Chief tells Derek and Burke to get together to find a solution for the tremor right away. Derek: "He doesn't want my help." The Chief doesn't understand this, and then Burke tells him, "I don't want his help." The Chief is not pleased: "That hand is worth two million dollars. I want it fixed!" I bet Burke is just thrilled to have his human worth reduced to a dollar figure on the hospital's balance sheet.

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