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Back in the O.R., there's still bleeding, and Dr. Hahn is calling out orders. Cristina suggests a step that she can take involving the aorta and an atrium. Dr. Hahn asks if she can really do that by herself, and Cristina very confidently says that she can. Because she's already done it before. Dr. Hahn tells her to go ahead, and Cristina grabs instruments and starts operating. Burke describes what Cristina is doing, and George starts wondering why Cristina is touching his father's heart. Burke: "It's okay. She's doing a running whip stitch. She's done it before." Dr. Hahn praises Cristina's work, and Mr. O'Malley seems to be out of the woods. Burke tells George that Dr. Hahn did great work and that he wouldn't have done anything different if he were operating: "It's just, you can never tell how the body is going to respond. Every surgery, everybody is different. You just...never know. But it's okay now, they're in the home stretch." Burke leaves, and George calls after him to thank him.

On the Bridge of Sighs, Bailey is telling the Chief that it undermines her authority for her interns to see Cristina remain unpunished. And somehow it undermines her to see Burke unpunished. He tells her to take a step back. Is he trying to make her fall off the bridge? Oh, he means that he wants her to get some perspective. She asks him if he really means that there will be no consequences, and he tells her that's pretty much true. He describes what they did as "a terrible judgment call." She points out that what happened to Denny was also a terrible judgment call, but he notes that the difference is that they didn't kill anybody. Bailey: "And I did?" The Chief tells her that she didn't kill Denny, but she tells him that she was responsible for Izzie and is responsible for Cristina. And the Chief is responsible for the whole lot of them, so who's most to blame here? Bailey thinks that she's the common thread between Izzie and Cristina and must be the reason they both fucked up. The Chief tells her that the two cases are different. And then he tells Bailey that she raised the interns "like children." Yes, for the entire nine months or so that she's been supervising them. The Chief tells her that when you have kids, some of them inevitably disappoint you. Crap, I didn't know my mother was writing this episode. The Chief also tells her that it took an amazing amount of strength for Cristina to come forward and confess what was going on, strength that she got from Bailey. And, you know, from the parents who actually raised her and instilled her with their values.

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