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George runs into Callie, still in her scrubs. She tells him that she wanted to check on his dad, and for once he's not completely hostile to her, telling her that he's resting and doing well. They part without acrimony for the first time in a long time.

Meredith and Cristina exit the elevator to find Burke and Derek waiting to get on it. Meredith greets her boyfriend, who tells her that he's going to go upstairs with Burke to take a look at his arm. While Derek is talking, Burke is walking onto the elevator without once taking his eyes off Cristina's. Mere V.O.: "The people that are still with you at the end of the day, those are the ones worth keeping." Without saying a word, Cristina gets back on the elevator to be with Burke while Derek examines him.

Meredith is back at her mother's nursing home. V.O.: "And sure, sometimes close can be too close." Ellis is pacing the room, still caught up in her anger and pain about having to leave a man she didn't love and about Richard leaving her for his wife. She breaks down into big wracking sobs. Meredith, looking a bit uncomfortable, gets up and hugs her mother. Ellis is freaked out at first, and reacts almost as though she's being attacked. She stands there, stiff and staring into space while her daughter hugs her. But after a second she says, "Meredith?" And Meredith responds, "Mommy." And then Ellis wraps her arms around her daughter. Mere V.O.: "But sometimes, that invasion of personal space -- it can be exactly what you need." Credits.

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