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As the interns follow Mama Duck Bailey down the hall, Addison asks for Meredith. Meredith asks what Addison needs, and Addison tells her that her sister Molly has checked into the hospital for an emergency C-section. Meredith: "Molly's not my sister." Addison points out the inconvenient genetic truth that Meredith and Molly have the same father. Addison mentions Susan, Meredith's step-mother, and Meredith says that Susan is definitely not her mother and that Meredith really doesn't need to know anything about her other family. Addison tells her that she actually really does, and Meredith turns around to find that Susan, played by the '80s-riffic Mare Winingham, is standing right there.

Bailey and the non-Meredith interns have arrived at Papa O'Malley's room on rounds. George greets his mother, who gives him a big hug. Mama O'Malley tells the interns, "I put out some breakfast in case you kids haven't eaten yet." Alex prepares to dive in, but Bailey and the new stick up her ass tell him to keep it professional. The Brothers O'Malley barge into the room and start eating the grub. They're followed by Dr. Hahn, who tells the assembled doctors that she has to make it quick. She asks Bailey which intern she gets, and Alex tells Bailey that it must be his case, since George can't work on his own father and Izzie's on probation. George wonders what would happen if Dr. Hahn picked him, and his brothers start mocking him. George shuts them up, and then Bailey announces that Cristina is assigned to the case. Izzie and Alex are stunned, but Bailey talks right past them and tells Cristina to present the patient to Dr. Hahn.

Bailey leads the remaining interns down the hall, and Alex bitches about Cristina getting the case: "I haven't had a cardiac case in ages." George: "It's not a case. It's my father." Izzie mutters about the double standard that has her doing nothing while Cristina gets "rewarded" with a primo surgery. Bailey stops at a door and tells the interns, "If you thumbsuckers don't stop whining, I swear I won't show you what's behind this door. And trust me, you want to see what's behind this door." This shuts the thumbsuckers up, so Bailey opens the door. We get close-ups of the faces of two identical men who tell the doctors that they'll have to wait, because one of them has to pee. And then we get a wider shot and see that they are conjoined twins, joined together alongside their torsos. One of them is bitching about getting dragged along to the bathroom every five minutes because of his brother's small bladder, and the brother with said bladder threatens to pee messily if he doesn't shut up. They shuffle off to the loo while the doctors look on, totally flabbergasted. Bailey asks them, "And which one of you thinks that Yang got the better case?" They all smile at each other. Bailey: "That's what I thought." Credits.

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