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Outside Papa O'Malley's room, Bailey is ripping George a new one for daring to question Dr. Hahn. George thinks the fact that the patient is his father gives him some special privileges, but Bailey quickly disabuses him of that notion: "You interns think you can do whatever you want to do. Well not anymore. Not with me! Which is why you are going to stay away. Fifty feet away, to be precise. You are going to remain fifty feet away from your father at all times today. And Dr. O'Malley, do not make me tell you again." Scary Bailey is back!

Burke asks Hahn how things are going with Mr. O'Malley, and she tells him that George is a pain in the ass but that Cristina (who is standing there) has been great. Hahn: "I hear she studied under you. You trained her well." Cristina is looking at Burke to see how he responds to that. There's some powerful wanting in her eyes. Burke looks at her and tells Dr. Hahn, "Yes. She's very... professional." And that was strange enough that even Dr. Hahn noticed that something is up between the two of them.

The Chief enters the doctors' lounge and finds Burke sitting at a table with a laptop in front of him. Burke asks the Chief for his opinion about a couple of doctors, and the Chief asks him why he's researching neurosurgeons when "Derek's better than anybody." Burke doesn't want Derek to operate on him. The Chief clearly thinks it's stupid to blame Derek for the tremor. He calmly tells Burke that until now he hasn't yelled because Burke was clearly in trouble. He continues, "But now...I am YELLING! I'm yelling very loudly. I want to retire, Burke. I want my wife back. And I passed the torch to you. I passed the torch to you, and you blew it out!" Burke is a little bit scared, and he apologizes for letting the Chief down. The Chief: "Burke, I'm tired. I'm tired of you men acting like boys." Can I get an amen? The Chief tells Burke to let Derek fix his hand.

Derek, observed by the Chief, Mark, Bailey, the interns, and a bunch of other doctors, practices on a special conjoined twins surgical practice dummy. Do you think they sell those at Toys R Us? Izzie exposits that it will take twenty-two surgeons to perform the procedure. Everyone runs down what part they are working on as Derek fiddles with nerves in the dummy's back. Derek notes that once he does something to a particular blood vessel, they will have only two minutes to do something else to some nerves. (I'm normally up for translating all of the medical mumbo jumbo, but this week I have no patience for it. I think the sight of my brother-in-law carving the Thanksgiving turkey put me off surgery for a while.) Mark thinks they can do whatever they need to do, but Derek thinks it's not worth the risk since the twins are in good health. He throws down his instruments and leaves the (very crowded) room.

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