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Cristina is sullenly eating her lunch in the sleepy old man's room. Izzie, Alex, and George enter with their lunch trays. Izzie is chattering about the bizarre love triangle, but kind of shuts up when she sees Cristina in the room. While the other three interns sit on the other side of the room, Meredith enters and sits down next to Cristina. Alex sees Cristina and wonders why she hasn't been kicked out of the program yet. And then he starts asking her how she and Burke did all the surgeries together without getting caught. He's not genuinely curious -- he's just accusing her of using some unfair advantage to get ahead while he fetches coffee for Mark. George and Izzie make their own smart remarks. Meredith tries to shut them all up, but Cristina tells her, "Will you please just stop defending me?" Cristina takes her lunch tray and leaves.

George enters his father's room and finds him alone with Callie. George acts all awkward, and Callie offers to leave. But Mr. O'Malley tells George to be nice to Callie. George gets a stubborn look on his face, and his father asks him why he's so damn angry all the time. Between the syphilis, the tear-stained sex, and learning that Callie had sex with Mark, I think he's got a few things to be angry about. Callie offers to leave, and then George offers to leave, but Papa O'Malley tells them to stay, and then tells George that while he's angry at everyone around him, he's really angry at Papa O'Malley himself, for not taking care of himself and ruining his health. George tries to deny feeling any anger at his father. He's kind of hot when he's repressed. Mr. O'Malley: "I'm angry at me, too. You think I want to die and leave my boy in charge?" George seems surprised that his father would think of him as being "in charge." Although when you consider that his brothers seem to belong in a home for developmentally disabled adults, it's not such a shock. Mrs. O'Malley and the two Doofus Brothers enter and find Mr. O'Malley in tears, with George and Callie not far away themselves. George's brothers, each eating a popsicle like they're twelve, make fun of "Georgie," causing him to start screaming at them: "Georgie doesn't work here in this hospital. My name is Dr. O'Malley." I hope that felt good, George, because your screaming just gave your father a heart attack. (Or, as we say in Rhode Island, "He took a hot attack.") Commercials.

When we come back, George and Callie are trying to treat Mr. O'Malley while his brothers yell out moron suggestions based on what they've seen on TV. (At least, I think they're moron suggestions, based on what I've seen on TV.) George also clarifies that his father isn't having a heart attack but is having some crazy spike in his blood pressure. A nurse runs in and George gives her some instructions, but he's clearly rattled. He's also having to struggle with his father, who seems intent on pushing George away from him. Burke enters (because Callie paged someone from Cardio) and asks George for the bullet. George hands him the printout from the EKG and details the instruction he gave. Burke calmly tells him that the drug he ordered would make things worse and orders up some lidocaine. The nurse hands the needle to Burke, but he sees George staring at his hands and gives the needle to him. (It may also be the case that Burke was having a tremor; the camera work is really jerky here, and I couldn't quite make out what was happening). George injects the drug into his father's I.V. and then Hahn enters with Cristina and asks what's going on. Burke gives her the bullet, and she tells everyone to leave. George and Burke exchange some enigmatic yet meaningful stares before Burke leaves the room.

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