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In an almost (even more) girlish voice, Sarabeth tells her mute husband that she called the insurance and the credit card companies and found out that everything had been cancelled. Anna rounds the corner and sadly watches as Sarabeth begs to have Michael let her know what to do. Lexie apologizes that they need to take him to surgery and they wheel him away. Outside, Sarabeth runs into Alex and asks if there is someone she can call and admits in a tiny voice that she doesn't handle the money and doesn't know who to call. Alex sincerely tells her he'll talk to billing on her behalf.

Outside it's snowing the fakest, fakity, fake-snow in Snowtown. Inside, George is poking away at Michael trying to get a line into his neck. Lexie encourages him and Sloane disgustedly calls her his little cheerleader and takes over the task. He sends George to see if the OR is ready and when he's gone, Lexie says he unnecessarily mean to George and he could be nicer, especially with George getting ready to re-take his exam. Based on the way he was jabbing that tube into the poor guy's neck, I wonder if this is really the right time? But I digress. Sloane wants to know why, as an intern, she's even talking to him. Just because her half-sister is dating Sloane's best friend doesn't make them anything. He then points out that she likes George, and there's a whole lot of, "Do not!" "Do too!" going on. She finally tells him to shut up, which he points out she can't do since he's her attending. He lays out his deal: she confesses her love to George and he'll be nicer to George. She just tells him to shut up again and he grins as she leaves.

In the hall, Alex asks Mere if she knows anything about health insurance so that he can help out a patient. Mere, finally talking about something that isn't Derek, notes that Izzie was right about the, "softer side of Alex." His hackles immediately go up and in a surprisingly aware moment, she realizes right away that she just caused a big problem. He demands to know what Izzie said about him and gets furious that she'd talk about him at all (clearly assuming she told Mere all of the details about his teary night). Mere tries to convince him that both she and Izzie meant nothing by the things they said, but it's far too late and you can almost physically see him morph into Old Alex by the time he storms off.

Vincent is in a bad way, and Cristina is baffled as to why her stitches keep tearing. Richard shoves her aside and takes over as Cristina protests that she's done this stitch a ton of times, and Hahn relishes pointing out that she's done the stitch a bunch of times on hearts. She launches into all of the ways that Cristina was doing this stitch wrong on the bowel and nastily points out that Cristina would know this if she weren't allowed so many hours in cardiothorasics. But is that Cristina's fault? And also, if Hahn could see that she was doing everything wrong, why didn't she try to talk her through it, or at least help? Way to drop the whole "wanting to teach" thing the second it mattered. She glares at Richard pointedly so at least she holds him responsible for the hours thing too, but it's a weird scene made weirder by what doesn't come afterward, which is any sort of reprimand or at least a question about why Hahn didn't help at all.

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