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Shut up, Meredith!

While the Chief stews some more, Callie comes up to him and asks about the therapeutic hypothermia. She's done research and shows it to Richard, but has to admit that Derek already weighed in that it's too risky because Phil isn't as fit and he's older. That's the magic word, as Phil isn't much older than Richard, so he jumps on board with the idea. Nothing like doing barely-tested surgery out of pride! Seriously, #12 is looking extremely generous at this point. Callie assures him she can do the procedure and just needs his okay.

George demands to know what Lexie was doing and doesn't believe that telling Mark to shut up is helping him out, like Lexie claims. He then has a horrified moment when he thinks Lexie is sleeping with Mark, and Lexie pauses in her protestations to ask if George is jealous. He's jealous of her telling Mark to shut up, but George admits that Mark was right, and George is the hospital joke. He recounts failing his exam, getting married in Vegas, and cheating on his wife. Lexie starts to try and tell him the real reason Sloane was giving him shit, but George just tells her he can take care of himself, and leads her to heave a lovelorn sigh.

Mere follows Cristina down the stairs while running through the list of Derek's things that she claims not to have room for, including his hair products. Okay, fine: hee! But then she starts griping about how much he talks and chats and talks. Isn't therapy supposed to make you more self aware and maybe keep you from blatant pot/kettle comparisons? Cristina quietly tells her, "Not now," but of course Mere keeps nattering about them moving in, getting married, and her becoming Dr. Mrs. Shepherd. Cristina tries to walk away but Mere just follows and talks about their chatty kids with good hair, and then declares that she'll then start sleeping with Cristina's husband. Once outside, Cristina can't take it any more, turns, and yells at Meredith for all of us. "Shut up! No, just shut up about Derek, shut up about moving in with Derek, shut up about your relationship." Praise the Lord! She then explains to a very baffled Mere (the only one who didn't see this coming) that she has been through this before and will be through it again -- hearing about the relationship, hearing about them breaking up, then hearing about them getting back together. She then cries, "I almost killed a man in surgery today!" But she must realize that even that won't get a response from her best friend, and the only way out of it is to give Mere her opinion first. She announces that Mere and Derek won't work and they shouldn't move in together. Mere tries to interrupt her but Cristina voices the theme of the entire show, really, saying that happily ever after doesn't exist. She then quietly begs Meredith, "to consider the possibility of shutting the hell up!" She keeps cutting off Mere when she tries to speak, and then storms back to the hospital, but slips on some ice. In an actual fairly true-to-life moment between friends, she laughs, Mere says she deserved it, and Cristina asks Mere to help her up. Before she can, however, a loud crack heralds the fall of an icicle from the roof of the building... right into Cristina's abdomen. She starts to hyperventilate, and Mere runs inside for help. Welcome to Season 5!

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