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Shut up, Meredith!

Mark and Derek also talk about the "humiliating" twelfth ranking and Sloane protests that Derek is the best neurosurgeon in the country, NAY, the world. He then asks for a compliment back and Derek tells him he's the best plastic surgeon at Seattle Grace. Heh. Rose comes up to drop off a chart and when Derek says hi to her, she says hi to Mark and leaves. Derek tells him that she took the breakup so well at the beginning, but now has gotten weird, which doubly sucks because she's going to be working in Derek's OR. Mark explains that Rose has "delayed rage." Now that she's had time to really think about it, she's super pissed. In a weird way, he's actually making sense. He explains that now Derek has to break up with her -- while he's already done the personal break up he now has to break up with her professionally. He wishes his friend luck and walks off.

The Chief stands on the bridge and stares out the window at an absolutely gorgeous expanse of snowy mountains. Hahn walks up to him and interrupts his reverie by asking him for a list of ways she can improve as a teacher. He tells her, "Not right now," and she gets ticked, reminding him of what he said, and the #12, and she doesn't like that... but he cuts her off by repeating, "Not right now." He walks away and she follows him, protesting about how she needs her list, so he turns on her, points out that it is snowing, and proceeds to explain how black ice forms and is invisible to drivers. He then reminds her that this would normally fill the ER but as a Level 1 trauma center Mercy West is going to get everyone and Seattle Grace is only going to get their castoffs. He shouts at her that this pisses him off, and so he really means, "Not right now." This finally gets through to her and she turns to leave. As she goes she runs into Callie and they each pretend to be busy with something and walk away from each other.

Bailey, Mere, Alex and Izzie are waiting outside for traumas that aren't coming -- Izzie is shivering so Alex finds a blanket and puts it around her shoulders. The residents all remind her that no one is coming but she asserts that they are Seattle Grace! And she's the best, and they are her residents so they must be the best (well...) and so they'll wait outside as a matter of pride. Cristina asks what they're doing but Bailey insists that someone will come and Mere clarifies with her that basically they are waiting for someone to be close by and so badly injured that they have to come to Seattle Grace and not Mercy West. Bailey agrees but when Izzie asks if she and God are really cool with it, Bailey deflates, "Damn, I forgot about God." She starts to usher them in when lo and behold, a smashed up limousine come screeching up the door. A bloodied Bernadette Peters in an evening gown gets out of the driver's seat and in a state of shock tells them that she drove the limo ten icy blocks. Another woman gets out and, disoriented, asks what happened as she sees blood all over her dress. Izzie calls for an ambulance but Bernadette tells them that they aren't the patients, it's a guy named Billy. He was the ambulance driver and he flew through the windshield. She opens the door to show a third woman in a gown holding a very bloodied man spurting blood out of his abdomen. Oh, Grey's, I might have actually missed you a little bit.

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