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Bailey runs in holding a pad on Billy's stomach when the Chief totally steals him from her and runs him into an exam room, leaving Bailey behind, frustrated. Izzie, Mere, and Callie are working on the three women, and it appears that one of them (the one who isn't Bernadette Peters or Kathy Baker) has some sort of head trauma as she keeps asking what's going on. Callie is pretty impressed to learn that the woman extracted Billy from the windshield themselves when the ambulance didn't arrive. The ladies are trying to call their husbands but can't get a hold of them. They were on their way to a ball -- the Fire and Ice Ball, because why go for subtlety? -- but took different limos because the husbands like to break out the cigars in the limo. Sarabeth (Bernadette) turns out to just have a bruised arm, not a broken one. When George comes at her to fix the cut on her face, she informs him that only a plastic surgeon will be touching her face. The one with the memory problems, Betty, then asks what's going on again much to the concern of her friends.

Hahn runs into Callie in the hall and the two act really awkward and make excuses about being soooo busy lately. Seriously, it seems they picked this up like, the day after last season's finale and just ignored the complete change of season. They both go and ask Bailey if there's anything else and she explains that there is nothing, and that she's charting because she gave up the clinic and the Chief stole her trauma case. The two other women seem even more at a loss for a response than they were with each other, so Callie takes off as Bailey hands Hahn Billy's x-rays to review. She notes that it's a hemopericardium and after a moment, proudly launches into a textbook definition of what that means. (And yet, it still involves a whole bunch of words I don't know and I don't really get it. Don't worry, it's not going to matter soon.) (Sorry, Billy.) Bailey tells Hahn to quit trying to teach her as Mark walks up and asks if they want to know how he teaches. They don't, but he answers, "Like a guru." I definitely missed Mark. "I gently guide them along the path to truth and wisdom." Lexie runs up to George and starts to stammer that she heard "something" earlier, but he cuts her off to ask Sloane to help Sarabeth. Illustrating his guru-like ways, he asks George if he's a, "Special Moron from the Isle of Complete and Utter Morons?" Clearly even Hahn recognizes this as bad teaching and when that's the case, you know you're atrocious. Everyone leaves but not before Lexie can declare, "He's an ass." And the grass is green. Did you just catch on to that?

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