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Cristina's pissed that their only patients are women in ball gowns, but Mere admires them for both trying to save Billy's life and also for being happy after being with their husbands for years. She thinks if they can do it, she can do it. Cristina opens her mouth and seems about to finally say something to Mere about her relationship but she's cut off by Derek wondering who paged him. Mere tells him both Bailey and Izzie, and advises to see Bailey first since she has the limo driver. That out of the way, she asks Derek if he wants to move in, and he says yes. With over an hour and a half left of this premiere, who wants to bet it won't really be that easy? Derek asks if she's ready and she tells him, "I'm leaning into the fear to get a happy ending." He doesn't know what it means, but he'll take it. They turn the corner to hear the Chief swear and declare Billy dead. He stomps out while having almost a little passive-aggressive tantrum, telling Mere to cancel the OR they booked.

Cristina's hanging over the desk when Bailey tells her, "I have a dream, Yang. That one day a trauma will come through those doors, I have a dream." Cristina breathes, "I share that dream." Bailey seems to be on the phone eavesdropping on dispatch to see what traumas they aren't getting, and densely talks about three men being taken to Mercy West. It takes the double doctor to realize that these might be the three missing husbands. Mark is in with Sarabeth working on her face while her friend Anna holds her hand, just like when Sarabeth had one of her kids. These two are clearly so close, I'm sure there isn't some terrible secret that might somehow drive a wedge between them later. Cristina and Bailey run in and say they have found the husbands, and casually tell the ladies that they could insist that the men be brought to Seattle Grace instead of Mercy West, which is what they do.

Out in the bay, Richard runs out to ask if Bailey poached traumas from M.W. She tells him she has no idea what he's talking about, and he congratulates her on a job well done. He runs to the first ambulance, where a patient is wheeled out as a man in a camo Army uniform blows into something in his neck. (He is played by Journeyman himself, Kevin McKidd.) Turns out the guy did a tracheotomy with a pen. Richard repeats this incredulously but in between blowing into the pen, the soldier replies, "So?" Cristina watches on with apparent admiration. She has a Paris Hilton moment and exclaims to herself that a pen trache is, "hot," before following them all into the hospital -- noticing at the same time that the soldier has a big bloody rip in one leg of his pants.

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