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Cristina is in an exam room with Derek, Hahn, and another of the male patients, Vincent. Betty wanders in and recognizes her husband, horrified. Izzie gently promises to update her on his condition as she leads her out of the room. The docs determine that he's got a skull fracture and no breath sounds in either half of his chest, so he's going right to the OR. Cristina asks if she can scrub in and to everyone's surprise, Hahn says yes. They're interrupted by a scream, "He has a pen in his throat!" That is certainly going to get everyone's attention.

Anna rushes in to Pen's room -- his name is Michael. George restrains her as she exclaims over the pen and then Mere joins in to help as she screams that they need to be careful as he's been under an incredible amount of stress lately. Mere tells her, "We're going to take you to your husband, he's around the corner," as strangely enough, she calls after Michael, "Sweetheart, I'm here!" The Chief, confused, asks, "This is not her husband?" George tells him it's not, as Sarabeth bursts in through another door and yells Michael's name. George adds, "It's her husband!" An unexpected wedge between the longtime girlfriends! How unexpected!

Richard is everywhere today, now in with Michael as Sloane exclaims over the pen. Army is putting ice on his own leg as he says that a pen was all he had on him and dude, he washed it in fresh snow first. Alex is in as much awe as Christina was and says it's awesome. Army then questions their methods and Mark growls to have him taken away. They're going to do a CT on his belly, and then Sloane needs to operate as it looks like his trachea is crushed. Bailey gives him Grey and Mark asks, "The good Grey?" Bailey replies, "The intern Grey." She may not be the good Grey, but aside from George she's the only intern that appears to get assigned to a doctor around here. Maybe that is related just a little bit to the current #12. The Chief also gives him George, much to Mark's non-delight.

Anna goes to see her husband and seems genuinely concerned, though not quite as emotional as she was about her best friend's husband. He tells her that they hit a patch of ice and flipped over, and then admits he can't feel his legs.

Cristina finds the Chief now in the hall and tells him that Hahn needs him to look at her crushed patient. He says he's on his way but notes first that Army -- Major Owen Hunt -- is bleeding. Hunt explains that his car was behind the men's at the intersection and he was cut on impact. The Chief adds his name to Hunt's list of admirers as he asks Hunt if he triaged the men. Hunt explains that he's a trauma surgeon who just got home on leave from Iraq. As he talks to Richard, he keeps repeatedly looking over at Cristina. Richard orders Cristina to take care of Hunt's leg; she pulls him aside to remind him she's going into surgery but he just tells her she can do that afterward. She then turns to see Hunt march away, "to check on [his] patients." Cristina runs after him protesting that he's the patient.

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