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In the CT scan room, Izzie is doing a scan of Betty. Betty asks what's going on and where she is, and Izzie explains, not for the first time, that she's been in an accident. Alex comes in and Izzie explains that Betty's memory seems to reset every 30 seconds. He remarks that it might not be so bad, like hitting a personal "refresh" button. Okay seriously, THERE IS NO REFRESH BUTTON. There's a series of keystrokes, or there is clicking on an icon, but there is no freaking dedicated refresh button on a keyboard! I tried to hold that in for the sake of story at the beginning of the episode, but no more. Izzie asks him gently how he's doing, and he says she keeps asking and he keeps telling her he's fine. She tells him that she often thinks Denny will be around the corner and it's been a while since Denny died, but Alex just points out that Rebecca didn't die. He assures her he's good, but genuinely thanks her for asking. Betty then asks where she is, and Alex clicks on the microphone and tells her she's in a spaceship, going to the moon. Betty seems to ponder this when Izzie cuts in with her usual answer, and Alex heads out to answer a page.

Derek looks at Vincent's films -- he has a depressed skull fracture and while Derek could lift the skull fragments, there's no telling how much damage has been done. Hahn then reports that he also might have an aortic tear and has tons of blood in his abdomen. Richard insists angrily that they're saving him while Hahn yells, "He's circling the drain!" and Derek comments that he has other patients more likely to be helped. Richard just yells back that they are saving him and then slams out of the room while they exchange a Look.

Mere is sitting in the waiting room with Anna, who admits that she's the lowest of the low, cheating on her own husband with her best friend's husband. She explains that she ran into him in the mall, and they had lunch, and then another lunch, and now it's eight months later. She then tells Mere that when you marry and have kids you think, "that you'll always feel that kind of love." She insists she does love Phil but says that, "Little pieces of you get chipped away by another person. And you shave little pieces of yourself away so that you'll fit together, and then one day you look up, and you don't even know who you are." She then excuses herself to go back to her husband, giving Mere an opportunity to reflect on how this totally means she and Derek can never survive because in this Grey's Anatomy world no couple can be happy and make things work EVER. Seriously, there's drama for the sake of TV and then there's five years worth of showing every single relationship depicted getting destroyed in some generally horrible way. For a show that wants to be a little bit real, at least in terms of feelings and shades of grey (no pun intended), they really offer a hideously bleak view of the world.

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