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Vincent is in surgery and Richard, Hahn and Derek are all surrounded by their supporting cast as they work away. Derek calls their attention to a monitor to show what he's doing, but changes his mind as to what instrument he needs. Hahn pesters him to know why he did that, since she's observing his teaching style, and his simple answer is that he just changed his mind. Next to him, Rose snorts. He asks if there is a problem and she tells him not at all, he just changed his mind, and the others all exchange glances over their surgical masks. This is just a guess, but maybe it's the gross unprofessionalism of the entire staff that contributed to their downgraded ranking? Callie comes in to tell him about Phil's condition and to ask if he can help decompress his spine. Derek tells her he's just now finished and leaves in a huff, with a pointed look at Rose who has the grace to look ashamed. Hahn then asks if he's considered a good teacher and earns a glare from Richard.

Callie and Derek look at the films and he comments that they need to go in and relieve the pressure. Phil interjects that this kind of injury usually means that someone won't walk again. He assures an upset Anna that it's okay, but she begs them to do something. Out of nowhere, Hunt announces that they should freeze him. Everyone in the room just gapes at him. Out in the hall, Derek demands to know who he is and Cristina answers, "Army sergeant badass did something crazy with a pen on a guy's throat." Derek tells Hunt not to give his patient false hope while Hunt snipes that Derek should stay up on his research, and Callie adds that another hospital made a football player walk again using "therapeutic hypothermia." Derek, his manhood questioned, proves he did his research by saying that patient was 20 years old and an athlete, and his patient is not in such prime condition to go through that procedure and Derek would like him to live. He orders Callie to book an OR and to tell Anna and Phil that the procedure isn't an option. Cristina then pulls him away to close up his leg.

Sarabeth is with Bailey, looking at Michael's films. Bailey explains to her how the pen in his throat actually saved his life, and then tells her that he'll need surgery to fix the laceration to his windpipe. She also shows the bruising on the kidney and a problem with his liver. Alex hands over some paperwork to Bailey and confused, asks Alex if it's correct. It turns out that their insurance is going to expire at midnight that night, but Bailey assures her that they'll care for her and Michael and calmly asks if she has another insurance card so that they can call and clear it all up. Sarabeth can only stutter that her husband takes care of that stuff.

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