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Cristina is working away at Hunt's leg -- well, really part of his ass, too -- but when she gets up to get something, he grabs the stapler and begins stapling the wound shut. She points out he's not numbed, which is probably why he's grunting each time he staples, but he just gives his favorite response, "So?" He goes as far as he can and then when the angle is too much, asks a very amused Cristina if she can finish for him. She can barely contain her glee. They have a moment when she stands up but are interrupted when Callie comes in with a question for Hunt. Cristina heads off to surgery, and Callie asks him to tell her about the freezing procedure he mentioned.

Currently Phil is on Derek's operating table. Derek looks at Betty's CT results and notes the subdural hematoma, which is the cause of her memory loss, and says he'll work on her as soon as he's done with Phil. He comments that it's a busy OR, and Rose asks if this isn't his thing -- "Juggling more than one person at a time?" I should stop being so surprised that people are allowed to keep their jobs when acting this way all the time. Far from ashamed, she just gives him a little, "What?" eyebrow raise when he looks at her.

Cristina, Mere and Izzie all discuss the patients and their surgeries, which of course means Mere has to report that Anna is married to Phil and sleeping with Michael. She then asks if that's what happens, "You're married forty years and then you become a big fat lying cheater?" She wonders what the point is, then, and of course goes back to talking about Derek, wondering if she made a mistake, blah blah SNORE. Cristina, praise her fed-up heart, turns and offers to pay Mere $100 if she'll change the subject. Wouldn't we all? Izzie says it's about the man, and that Derek is a good man, which is the last straw for Cristina, who flees. Iz then cites George as another example of a good man, thinks, notes that Sloane is not, but then happily reports that Alex has turned into a good man. She assures Mere that they aren't doing anything, but says that it's nice that they're friends and that he's changed and is opening up. Mere asks if Izzie moved in and married Alex, would she in forty years feel dead inside and cheat? Maybe they can just muzzle her. Mere walks away and Izzie speaks for all of us with a simple, "Wow."

Cristina heads into surgery and Richard starts talking again about the ranking, sure it's a clerical error that he'll fix with a few phone calls. He and Mere should just talk to each other -- they can each ignore the other one while they each also get to prattle on and on and on ad nauseum about a single subject. Hahn announces her observations about different teaching styles, telling them Derek thinks out loud, Bailey is blunt and doesn't overteach and Sloane berates and humiliates people. Richard tells her to learn about teaching from her students, and then asks, "Yang?" To the horror of both of them, Hahn prompts her and Cristina stutters that she learns best by the Socratic Method -- being asked a lot of questions. Hahn, of course, laughs this off as ridiculously basic, but Cristina replies that some people don't do that and instead just tell you what to do. Hahn freaks out and demands to know if that's what Cristina thinks she does, but they're saved by their patient crashing. After a commercial break, Richard notices a tear and asks Cristina if she knows a particular stitch. She does, so he has her get to it.

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