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So I've been thinking about this some more. If it is in fact fall, if we ignore the fact that a day or two has passed from the season finale to now, when it's stated that it is, in fact, fall, why are the interns still interns? Why did they not take their intern exams? Wouldn't that mean they've now been there a year? Wouldn't there be a new batch of glorified extras for us to not care about? I suppose after it taking three calendar years to finish a year of Grey's time, I shouldn't question these things of this show any more, but sometimes I just can't help it.

Anyhow, on to Part 2! As Christina lies with an icicle lodged in her abdomen, she has a vision. A microwave beeps and an older woman pulls out a cooked chicken -- wait, can you really cook chicken in the microwave? That sounds like a bad idea. But like the passage of time, that's not the important thing. The important thing is that the woman is Meredith, with really nice, shiny gray hair and lots of wrinkles. At the kitchen island sits Old Cristina, with curly grey hair and a purple tracksuit. She's eating cereal out of a box while Old Mere chastises her, pointing out that she got them a chicken for dinner. Old Cristina goes, "Seriously?" It's awesome. They're totally themselves 40 years in the future, as Old Cristina rolls her eyes at Old Mere as she tries to find the glasses (that are hanging around her neck). Old Cristina tells Mere how she's cutting the chicken wrong and then slowly shuffles over to do it herself. Of course, she pulls one surgical glove before cutting. Old Mere sighs happily, "What would I do without you?" Old Cristina answers disdainfully, "Starve."

With a gasp we're back to present day, and Cristina sees none other then Major Hunt appear in front of her, noting that she's a damsel in distress. With that he picks her up and carries her inside. Once she's on a gurney he pulls out a stethoscope to listen to her chest while Mere starts to cut off her scrub top. Cristina announces the exact location of the injury and has diagnosed that she doesn't have a hemo or a pneumothorax, so they can go ahead and pull it out. Hunt tells her he wouldn't do that and Meredith demands to know who he is -- he actually has the grace to pull back immediately. Cristina begs Mere to just fix her, because she has to look after Vincent and can't disappoint the Chief after what happened in the OR earlier. Unfortunately the Chief chooses that moment to walk in looking for her and sees the giant icicle. He orders all the tests that Mere herself already ordered, and then Cristina tries to chime in about her "clear and equal" breath sounds. He's having none of it. He asks what Mere wants to do and she says to leave it in until they get the x-ray and CT back but comments that it's "definitely melting dirty ice water into her body." Cristina says that's a reason to pull it out but Hunt orders her to leave it in, calling her lucky that it didn't hit anything but reiterating that you leave the "knife" in until you know what's going on inside. Cristina orders it out, but Richard orders it left in. He then adds that since she knows so much, she can teach her interns how to treat her. He then puts Meredith in charge of Vincent's care, reminding her that he's Richard's patient and he's not going to lose another trauma case. With that, he then tells Hunt he wants to speak to him in the hall.

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