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Shut Up Some More, Meredith!

Bailey, Callie and Derek are gathered at a nurse's station, where Callie says it might have been the hypothermia treatment and Derek counters that it might have been his surgical skills. Mere comes up so that she can ask what's going on and they can happily report that Phil is wiggling his toes. Okay, so... Derek? Is taking credit for this?? Bailey then begs Derek to say something, though he doesn't want to. They giggle away and finally he announces, "We made a man walk." Derek?? Is taking credit for this??? Yes, I know he did the decompression surgery but then he fought tooth and nail to do nothing else and leave him paralyzed, and spent the evening condemning all of them for being idiots, and now he's casually hanging out, basking in the glow of their success? Shut up, Derek. Bailey and Callie head off happily, but Mere and Derek stay behind to watch Anna go in and visit her husband. She wakes him up with a kiss and his happiness at seeing her clearly shows that no one filled him in on the drama taking place in the next room while he was on ice.

The tender moment is broken by Lexie asking, "Did you sleep with Meredith?" George looks up and tells her he did, and she freaks just a little and asks/demands why, then if he was in love with her. He admits he thought he was, but he knew she didn't like him that way, but he did it anyway and shouldn't have because it was selfish of him to take advantage of her and, "to want her to want [him] like that." This is a tad revisionist, as Meredith was certainly taking her own advantage of the situation as well that night, but I guess we're not supposed to think about that right now. George reiterates that he made a lot of mistakes last year but he's getting back on track, and only he can do that for himself. Lexie starts to gather her courage and stammer out the real reason why she asked, which is that she think they are, "more than just roommates." George agrees that this is true, but Lexie's hope is quickly dashed as George tells her that she's also one of his best friends right now. Lexie absorbs this as Sarabeth walks up to visit her husband. Lexie and George do a very bad job of acting like they aren't watching as Sarabeth sits down on the bed and gives her husband a kiss.

Now that everyone is patched up as well as they're going to be, Callie is in street clothes and heads over to Hahn. Callie announces that she hates experimenting, which elicits a bit of a disappointed, "Oh," from Hahn, but continues that then Hahn showed up and they experimented together and it seems to be a success. "Oh." Callie looks at her pointedly, because Hahn just didn't pick up on the most obvious double entendre ever spoken. "Oh!" Hahn says, surprised and happy. They grin at each other and finally Callie awkwardly tells Hahn that she's never kissed a girl before and doesn't like kissing girls, per se, but that she likes kissing Hahn. Hahn grins and admits she has nothing to compare it with. Callie's relieved to hear Hahn is freaking out, and Hahn admits she's logged a lot of therapy time. I guess we're to believe that they've been avoiding each other for a while? Oops, there I go again trying to make time of the GA timeline. Callie admits she doesn't do therapy, she just gets all weird. Thank goodness we had a medical case that exactly mirrored her budding lesbian relationship so that we can see what she means! Basically, they're both happy to be talking and admit this makes them "kind-of virgins" who agree to be scared together.

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