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Shut Up Some More, Meredith!

Mere has gotten Cristina home and is tucking her into bed. Of course, the second she's set she whines, "You said Derek and I would never make it." Cristina shoots back, "And then I was karmically impaled for saying that!" Mere maddeningly replies that she was right, there are no happily ever afters... everything we've heard before. Cristina's fed up look mirrors my own right now. She finally asks why Meredith cares what she thinks. Mere whines that Cristina is her person, and if she's going to be "whole and healthy" and be someone who lives with her boyfriend, she needs Cristina on board. She also needs to look up "whole and healthy" because that certainly isn't what she is, but I digress. Mere then says, "Because you're the only one who knows me. Darkly." Actually, you know who the other person is that knows you darkly and has been through all your crazy moods and your maybe-suicide-whatever? YOUR BOYFRIEND. I think Derek knows her pretty darkly at this point too. Mere tells Cristina that even if she's faking it, Mere wants her to pretend she can do it. If Cristina leaves she'll never make it, or get her happy ending, which Cristina cuts in and announces is "Life!" But real life has no place in Meredith's life, and she just counters, "I'm saying 'please,' here." Cristina takes a deep breath and says that she thinks Meredith and Derek will make it work. Maddeningly, Mere, who just told her friend to lie, asks if she's just saying what she knows Mere wants to hear. I'm certain she is, you self-centered ninny! Cristina thinks a moment and tells her, "I am your person! I'm on your side." That might be a little too deep for Meredith to handle, since it didn't involve the words "you," "Derek," "happy" and "forever," but we'll see. Mercifully, her VO starts to wrap things up. "Once upon a time. Happily ever after. The stories we tell are the stuff of dreams."

Izzie walks out of her bedroom and turns to see Alex draped over a near-naked woman in his bedroom, because when you live in a house with two others you totally start having sex with the door open. I mean come on, even if he's trying to prove a point, I have a hard time believing the girl was all, "Oh, let me just pull my top off here with a nice breeze coming in from the hallway!"

Izzie, however, has drifted into a daydream where she gets in the elevator in her prom dress. When the doors open, there is hot, sweet, wonderful Denny, grinning at her. She smiles and tells him, "See? I told you I would show you my dress." He tells her she's better than a bride, she walks out, and they take hands and walk together down the hallway and into the light.

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