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Shut Up Some More, Meredith!

Back in the real world, Alex gives her a pointed look over the brunette's shoulder and slams the door. Mere tells us, "Reality is much stormier." We see Lexie and George studying and goofing off together. "Much murkier." At the trailer, Mere is helping Derek pack up his things. "Much scarier."

A shot of the Space Needle from the air tells us it's the next day, and Richard walks through a door to find his entire staff milling around, waiting. He slams the door to get their attention and starts a speech. He talks about the good old days when they were the best in the west, and how they've been resting on their laurels. He then, awesomely, tells them that they have all been failing: to take initiative, to ask questions, to practice skills, to give opportunity to practice skills. He admits he let it all happen, so they're all failing, but it's stopping now. He's changing things up, and everyone should consider themselves put on notice. It's not the most amazing speech I've ever heard, but everyone in attendance looks properly serious, so we the viewer know it was really good. Mere concludes: "Reality. It's so much more interesting than living happily ever after." Here's hoping that this then is an interesting season to come.

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