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Sarabeth and Anna go to visit Vincent, who's not doing as well as the doctors would like. The ladies sit down together, and Anna sadly lists the conditions of their friends: the doctors are freezing Phil, Vincent is lying unconscious and barely alive, and Betty is in brain surgery. She begins crying and Sarabeth takes her hand to comfort her and assure her it will be okay. Mere gives a judgy pointed look just as Sarabeth implores Anna to look at her. The moment of truth has arrived. Anna holds Sarabeth's hand as she admits that Michael was let go from his job eight months earlier, but was too ashamed to tell Sarabeth. It seems almost too much for Sarabeth to comprehend and finally she's able to ask how Anna knows. The fact that her friend can't answer speaks volumes, and Sarabeth pulls her hand away as she comments that Michael told Anna and not his wife. She then asks if Anna has been sleeping with Michael, but Anna only has time to let out a sob before Vincent starts to crash and they're ordered out.

Hahn comes in to check on refrigerated Phil, and she's appalled to see that they've put him on a machine that circulates his own blood out of his body and then back in. Richard defends the decision, pointing out that this will give his heart rest without them jostling his delicate, decompressed spine. She disapprovingly glares at them all, but Richard demands to know if she's in or not. It's a classic Dramatic Medical TV Moment.

Sarabeth, meanwhile, is sitting sadly by herself in the waiting room. Alex comes and lets her know that Michael has gone for his CT but that despite Alex's best efforts they probably won't be able to get him into surgery before midnight. With tears in her eyes, she pulls herself up and tells Alex it doesn't matter, and then asks for an update on Vincent, admitting she thinks he was dying. Alex turns to find out but Sarabeth must be able to catch of whiff of Unfaithful on him, because she asks him why men cheat, adding that her husband slept with her friend. All this after losing his job, and at the same time as he was telling Sarabeth that he loved her. Alex tells her that he might have been low and didn't want Sarabeth to see him as less than a man. Because of pride he turned away. "It not right, but it doesn't mean he doesn't care about you. I swear it doesn't."

In the meat locker, they're getting ready to wean Phil off the blood machine. There's something technical sounding going on with his heart but because he's got a body temp of around 90 degrees they can't shock him to take care of it. Richard asks Callie if she has an answer from all of the cases she researched. Callie, though, is back to being her weird, unassertive self of last season and starts to panic again, only telling them that she messed up by trying this. Hahn stops her scared babbling and orders Callie to look at her. She then launches into a speech about how she's trying something new, and there's nothing wrong with new! By golly, it's like this pep talk is going to work outside the hospital too. She orders Callie to take a breath, calm down, and tell them what the research said. With that, Callie is able to come up with an explanation of what is happening and a solution. Callie gets to work, while Richard gives Hahn a look like maybe she just showed a glimmer of being a good teacher.

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