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Betty wakes up to see her two friends on either side of her. She tells them that her head hurts, and asks what happened. Anna is the one to break the news that Vincent didn't survive the accident, and Izzie just quietly looks up at the clock to watch thirty seconds go by while Betty falls apart. As if there wasn't enough heartbreak for these two already today, Betty then again tells them that her head hurts, and asks what happened. I think that in this single day, Seattle Grace has had more patients die/not be fixed up as good as new than they have during the entire rest of the series combined.

Lexie goes to check on Michael and instead of being a bumbling doofus she is kind and positive, telling him that he's looking strong for his next surgery. Michael clearly wants to say something but can only upward with a look of complete anguish. Fortunately this competent Lexie can guess what he wants to say. She tells him that this happens in life, that people sleep with the wrong people and hide it (okay, George slept with Meredith before he even knew you existed, so this is a bit apples to oranges. But I should stop nitpicking and just let her go on since this is the least annoying she's been all day...) but that she thinks it's what comes afterward that counts, "The part where you make it right. And it looks like you're off to a good start." Sloane has come to the door and heard her as she gives Michael the first tiny look of hope he's had since the accident.

Bailey runs through the hospital and finds Alex having a coffee outside. She tells him she's ready to do the surgery, but Alex grunts that he was ready an hour ago. Bailey points out that she's ready now, and orders him to book an OR. He's pretty rude as he responds, "Fine," with a pissed-off sigh that would make any 14-year-old girl proud. Bailey calls after him to ask what time it is, and he just calls back, "It's tomorrow. His insurance expired."

Rose, in street clothes, comes up to Derek and apologizes about his hand. Derek tells her it happens, but she asserts that they only started happening to her once Derek was in her life. If I keep rolling my eyes like this, they're going get stuck that way. She tells him that before Derek existed to her, every doctor wanted her as a scrub nurse, but now she's just a psycho. Again, Derek is an ass, but he's not responsible for her going, as she says, all Fatal Attraction. She informs him that she has transferred to pediatrics and will be starting the next day. Bye, Rose! You weren't a character I cared at all about from the moment you showed up having supposedly been there all along, and I won't miss you for a second.

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